Food Price Warning – Feb. 26, 2008


Agricultural product prices are starting to skyrocket – wheat, grains, nuts, etc. It’s only going to get worse as inflation, energy prices, bee die-off, droughts and shortages worsen. I just read a report that said if 2008 has as many droughts as 2007 then there’s going to be world-wide starvation overseas because of food shortages (higher prices here.)    

   Food shortages will drive up the price of food even more. Wheat & other grains are already 3 times the price what is was a couple years ago. Shadow inflation is partly to blame i.e. the government is lying about the inflation rate (yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe.)

   There’s little you can do about the starving masses in 3rd world countries but if you start stocking up on long term food storage in the next few weeks/months, you can avoid exorbitant food prices for as long as your  storage program lasts.

   Start buying things like brown & wild rice, pasta, flour (rotate every couple months i.e. turn it upside down), honey (lasts forever) dried lentils, peas, beans (last several years), canned food (mark the date on the bottom – good for max. 3 years so rotate i.e. use oldest first.) Candles, etc.

   This will also be a good storage program when the next (long overdue) Spanish flu epidemic hits and shuts everything down for about 3 months.

 A person warned is a person half saved….

 Gerold  – Feb. 26, 2008
Disclaimer: I’m not an investment advisor and these articles are for commentary only. For specific advice you should consult your own investment professional.

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I have a bit of financial experience having invested in stocks in the 1960s & 70s, commodities in the 80s & commercial real estate in the 90s (I sold in 2005.) I'm back in stocks. I am appalled at our rapidly deteriorating global condition so I've written articles for family, friends & colleagues since 2007; warning them and doing my best to explain what's happening, what we can expect in the future and what you can do to prepare and mitigate the worst of the economic, social, political and nuclear fallout. As a public service in 2010 I decided to create a blog accessible to a larger number of people because I believe that knowledge not shared is wasted.
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