First Iceland, Now Greece Reject Austerity

Last year Iceland told the Banksters to pound sand where the sun doesn’t shine as the world’s oldest democracy (900 years) refused to accept austerity measures by bailing out the foreign bankers who demanded that ordinary Icelandic citizens suffer rather than let the Banksters lose money. Needless to say there was very little in the mainstream media (MSM) about this which is not surprising as the MSM are the Banksters’ lackeys. Actually, politicians and governments are the Bankster’s lackeys and the MSM cave in to government demands but why quibble over the chain of command?

Now Greece has the Banksters’ governments, especially European governments shaking with fear. Greek students have been rioting since last year as the MSM has reported – dominant theme: they’re bad students for having the nerve to riot. Not surprising, the MSM neglected to mention why they were rioting but we wouldn’t want the sheep to worry their silly little heads about such details or actually give them ideas now would we?

However, Greece has turned a new page. It’s no longer the unruly youth who are demonstrating but hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens have taken to the streets, plazas and public squares to tell the Banksters to pound sand. See photo below:

It’s no longer a protest movement but a genuine popular uprising that has been sweeping the country since May 25th which, you would think, would have given the MSM enough time to catch the story. After all, the crowds are numbered at 250 thousand according to the June 12 Global Research story “The Battle against Neoliberalism: Massive Popular Uprising in Greece” by Yorgos Mitralias.

So why the media silence and distortion, i.e. “hundreds of protesters”? Because we wouldn’t want it to spread, now would we? Wall Street Banksters convinced the American sheeple to cough up trillions over the last two years so the Banksters wouldn’t lose their bonds, Hampton estates, obscene bonuses and trophy wives. Since the Banksters are still broke notwithstanding the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) relaxing the rules so that worthless derivatives could masquerade as value, they may need to fleece the public again but this time with the “austerity measures” that has the Greeks up in arms; hence, the ass media’s conspiracy of silence.

You didn’t hear it here, but stay tuned anyway.


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