Qaeda Woes Fuel Talk of Speeding Afghan Pullback

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The New York Times
Saturday, June 18, 2011 — 5:06 PM EDT

Qaeda Woes Fuel Talk of Speeding Afghan Pullback

As the Obama administration nears a decision on how rapidly to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, high-ranking officials say that Al Qaeda’s original network in the region has been crippled, providing a rationale for an accelerated reduction of troops.

The officials said drone strikes and other covert operations in Pakistan — most dramatically the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden — had left Al Qaeda paralyzed.

The account of success in the counterterrorism campaign, laid out by the officials on the condition that they not be identified, appeared to be an effort by the White House to advance an argument for a steeper pace of withdrawal from Afghanistan than the Pentagon has advocated.

The focus on progress against Al Qaeda runs counter to arguments made by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and other military officials that the initial drawdown of troops should be modest, and that combat pressure should be maintained as long as possible..

Propaganda theme: We’ve won the war so we can go home victorious.

Reality: The mighty U.S. military and their NATO lackeys have had their asses handed to them by a rag-tag bunch of uneducated, superstitious sheep-herders. However, in all fairness, these self-same sheep-herders managed to oust the Timurid Dynasty, the Hotaki Empire, the Moghul Empire, the Mongols, Alexander the Great, the British (twice), the Russians, to name just a few and now Uncle Sam and his minions.

Remember what I said about the so-called death of Ossama bin Laden: that it’s “a prelude to admitting the war in Afghanistan is lost – oops, I mean is WON and now that bin Laden is supposedly dead the Allies can retreat – oops, I mean march home victoriously.”

The New York Times apparently doesn’t even know who the so-called enemy is … or was, now that they’re supposedly vanquished. Al Qaeda has little to do with Afghanistan. It’s the Taliban who were fighting to expel the invaders (that’s us, by the way). The fact is that bin Laden has been side-lined for almost a decade and hasn’t meant much to radical Muslims for just as long. He’s been nothing more than the West’s boogey-man.

Anyway, Uncle Sam and his Canucks can turn the whole mess over to America’s puppet, Karzai and his corrupt, crony government. Now, when the vanquished Taliban or al Qaeda or whoever is presently in control of most of the country topple the unpopular Afghan government it’ll be Karzai’s fault. I wonder if anyone’s told him his fate?

Stay tuned.


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