Best garlic grater ever!

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If you cook with garlic, and if you don’t why not? It’s incredibly healthful! I’ve bought and experimented with so many garlic presses and tools over decades I could start a museum. Most garlic tools don’t work very well and many are totally useless, messy and a waste of money, time and garlic.

Well, you’ll be happy to know I finally found the ultimate garlic peeler and grater (although they call it a cutter – I don’t know why.) It easily purées without having to peel the bulb first, keeps your fingers clean and completely disassembles for easy cleaning.

I’m so impressed I’m buying another as back-up. I learned long ago when I find a good product, buy several because they either wear out, stop making them, make them cheaper or the price goes up a lot.

It’s called the Garlic Genius and is made by Starfrit. It looks similar to this. I paid $10 which is cheap for something that works this well and wastes little.



Below is how it operates.



I did a bunch of bulbs before extracting the purée however I had to remove the peels after 2 or 3 bulbs to expose the serrations.

As with any cutting tool: be careful of the serrated edges. And, as with any new plastic product, immerse it in cold water a few minutes to “set” the plastic compounds and then wash it before using.

February 18, 2012

Update Oct. 4, 2013 – the link below might be an interesting way to peel garlic. I have not tried it yet but if you can’t believe Martha Stewart …

Disclaimer: I have NO financial interest in this company or its products. I’m simply sharing good news about a good product.

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2 Responses to Best garlic grater ever!

  1. chris says:

    You might want to try a hand-made Gourmet Garlic Grater from Spain. Easier on the hands then a microplane (ceramic groves for grating, instead of metal holes to catch your fingers). You just put a drop of olive oil on the ceramic grating teeth, to make it slippery, then grater away. So easy!! Fresh pure fine garlic paste!! Even comes with a little gathering brush to get the garlic out and into your recipes. Check out for more info

    • gerold says:

      Thanks for the tip, Chris.

      I recently picked up a “Grater Plater”, a Chinese knock-off similar to Gourmet Grater although likely not as well-made.

      It’s excellent and seems to recover more garlic than the Starfrit. It’s also an easier whole-hand action rather than two-finger cranking the Starfrit especially if you’re mincing a large quantity. The only downside is the plate graters are messier on the fingers.

      Another plus for the plate grater is the silicone tube garlic peeler that makes it so easy to crack the skin to help unpeel it (often it popped right out).

      – Gerold

      P.S. here’s a peeling method I haven’t tried yet

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