Vampire Elites Desperate for Organ Donors

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CBC Radio news breathlessly reported a successful double lung transplant on a young Ottawa woman suffering a degenerative lung disease. The organ recipient had previously Tweeted Justin Bieber who contacted Ellen DeGeneres to help publicize this woman’s plight.

CLICK HERE to see the Hollywood Life story Justin Bieber & Ellen DeGeneres Rally To Get Organ Donors For Sick 20 Year Old describing the Ottawa woman’s so-called “selfless act about organ donations” inspiring thousands to sign up as organ donors.

What utter BULLSHIT! What is “selfless” about soliciting an organ donation to save your life? It may be desperate, it may be creative but it sure as hell isn’t “selfless”.

And why would the CBC report an organ transplant? Successful organ transplants have been performed for more than half a century. This isn’t news. There’s something going on here. Keep reading.

Conspicuous by Its Absence

Sometimes what we DON’T see is more important than what we DO see. We did not see Macleans magazine publish any letters to the editor about their March 19 interview with Dick Teresi exposing organ donations as a multi-billion $$$ dollar $$$ industry. Do you not think an article exposing living, breathing bodies sliced open for their organs without even the decency of anesthetics would have generated tons of letters to the editor? And, not a single letter about that article was published. You can bet Macleans got a few phone calls from some powerful people urging them to let the matter drop. Or else!

Also, we often hear about ordinary people waiting for years for an organ transplant and often dying before they receive one. When an ordinary person gets a transplant, it’s publicized. And yet, conspicuous by its absence are stories of the rich and powerful waiting and dying for lack of transplant organs. I don’t believe in coincidences.


The elites are aging. Their organs are failing and in need of transplant. The Macleans article opened a can of worms. I, for one, ripped up my organ donor card until we get some answers. You can bet others did too. The vampire elites are worried that transplant organs may not be available when they need them so they’re pushing the ass media to publicize this non-news as new news replete with Hollywood stars and pop idols. Get real!

I want to be dead before they rip me open. To read my previous post on this issue CLICK HERE.

April 7, 2012

UPDATE – April 8, 2012

Almost a month later, in its April 16 edition Macleans published two letters headlined “Donors, death and safety”.

One letter is from the President and CEO of the Trillium Gift of Life Network. This is the head honcho of the Government of Ontario sponsored organ harvesting establishment, one of whose aims (I quote directly from their website) is “maximizing organ and tissue donations “. The letter is pure, unadulterated propaganda from the organ harvesting industry.

The second letter is from an MD in Kamloops, BC. He states, “It is true that heart rate and blood pressure can ‘soar’ but this is the last dysfunctional sputtering of this cardiac centre low in the brain stem before, it too, ceases and has nothing to do with pain response.”

That argument is specious, self-serving and pure, unadulterated bullshit.
1) If it has “nothing to do with pain response” then why does it sometimes happen when the body is sliced open without anesthetics? Obvious answer: because the body is still alive and reacting to pain.
2) Laymen call the last twitching before death “nerves” or a “nervous system response”. It indicates the shutting down of the last critical body system and the onset of real death. Prior to that point, the body is still alive and functioning.
3) In other words, the doctor is admitting that after they remove your vital organs, then you are well and truly dead. No shit!
4) I fail to see what either letter has to do with “safety”.

Neither of the letters addressed any important issues raised by Teresi, including
1) We need a scientific definition of death that stands up to current studies
2) We need oversight of the organ wrangling industry because there’s too much incentive to marginalize donors
3) “Follow the money!” When we’re worth more dead than alive, it breeds corruption

Conspicuous by its absence

Macleans magazine typically publishes letters from several different sides of an issue, especially controversial issues. They published two letters, both of which support organ harvesting. Conspicuous by its absence are letters critical of the organ harvesting industry. You can bet some really big guns from the Vampire Elite put a lot of heat on Macleans.

April 8, 2012

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11 Responses to Vampire Elites Desperate for Organ Donors

  1. Peggy says:

    I really would like to see people inform themselves BEFORE they have a tradgedy and especially if it is child–they have healthy organs. Dont wait till you are in that situation and know nothing.I failed my child by knowing nothing about braindeath/organ harvesting.If he was going to die–I would have taken him home to be with those who love him.

  2. Peggy Rickard says:

    This blog is very informative-thankyou-I wish I had seen this BEFORE my child went to the hospital. Fortunately no one in my family would give an ok for Jesse to be body parts. Our experience with the critial care team PICU at women and childrens hospital in Buffalo was horrendous. They violated our religious rights and informed consent for ANTYHING they did to my child. I didnt know what brain death was. I would never have consented to the apnea test no to removing my child from the vent.

  3. I became aware of the ugly brutal nature of organ harvesting a few years ago, and I was shocked to learn that numerous patients have revived after being declared “brain dead”. This is because “brain death” is not true death. It is a medical fiction conveniently invented in 1968 to legalise the removal of vital organs from living breathing persons, so that they can be transplanted into others. Obviously, the removal of vital organs causes the immediate true death of the “donor”. I have read widely on the subject over the last few years and decided to setup a website to document and expose the truth about this grisly macabre industry. My website is There are many news items and details of numerous patients who survived so-called “brain death”… some just before the organ harvesters moved on them.

    • gerold says:

      I share your concern about the organ harvesting industry and ‘industry’ is exactly what it is; a multi-billion dollar a year industry where each donor’s organs can be worth a million dollars.

      On one hand, useful organs can only be harvested from donors who are not truly dead otherwise most organs would be clotted with decaying blood. The donor must be dying but not dead.

      On the other hand, the modern definition of death serves the organ harvesting industry and not the injured patient. I applaud the advocacy of anesthetizing donors undergoing organ removal to prevent the indignity of a painful death, but this is only one step in the right direction. There is much more that needs to be done.

      As far as I know with my limited experience:
      a) The definition of ‘death’ needs to be reviewed and NOT just by doctors.
      b) The definition of ‘brain death’, ‘vegetative state’, etc. needs to be reviewed because there appear to be far too many cases of organs harvested from patients who could be revived and healed to live a productive life.
      c) The organ harvesting industry is too opaque and must be made more transparent to reduce suspicion and misinformation. In other words, stop treating the public like idiots. If the organ harvesting industry is truly honest and aboveboard, then increased transparency will enlarge the pool of potential donors.
      d) The parents/guardians of potential donors need to be told the potential donor is not dead but is dying. Calling it death is misleading, causes suspicion and casts the organ harvesting industry in a bad light.
      e) If there is any regulation of the organ harvesting industry it seems to be ‘self-regulating’ and we know how corrupt that becomes when there’s billions of dollars involved (just look at the U.S. banking industry under deregulation).
      f) There appears to be no review process from which to learn from mistakes.
      g) If there are penalties for breaching guidelines, they are NOT enforced. When’s the last time someone was charged and convicted? BEWARE: the Vampire Elite are propaganda experts so we need more than an occasional “show trial”.

      Doctors are fallible humans, not the gods the medical industry would have us believe. Given the power of life and death when a donor’s organs are worth up to a million dollars is simply too much temptation when the organ harvesting industry is ruled by only one profession, has poor guidelines, suspicious practices, parents/guardians are manipulated, there’s no review and penalties are not enforced. It’s no wonder people are becoming alarmed and suspicious.

  4. tundram says:

    I have accepted that organ transplant and donation are here to stay. They are like many other bad and corrupt fetishes which become part of our culture. Other cultures have their mutilations as well. People are just as responsible as governments, industry or religion for these things. My blog “Organasia” on wordpress advocates for analgesics in brain injury and organ harvesting. I hope that at the very least, parents who eagerly give their kids over to death by organ donation at least spare a thought for the child’s pain and indignity and ask for analgesics. Organasia is death by anesthetized organ harvesting.

    • gerold says:

      @ Tundrum – you’re right; organ harvesting will always be with us now. Once we’ve opened that Pandora’s box, there’s no going back.

      I applaud your advocacy of “Organasia”; death by anesthetized organ harvesting. At the very least it reduces the prolonged pain of death.

      I also agree with your notion of responsibility. We are all responsible whether as individuals or as members of institutions or religion.

      However, knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility and that’s why I won’t stop railing against several aspects of organ wrangling, namely:
      1) Organ wranglers taking advantage of distraught families to elicit approval to harvest.
      2) Medical butchers taking advantage of their knowledge by either withholding vital information from those families or releasing only selective information in order to obtain approval to harvest. That’s the worst kind of fraud.
      3) Deliberate withholding of life-saving procedures that could prevent death in order to make an almighty buck making this both theft and murder.

      The vampire elites might treat us like sheep but that’ no reason to behave like a sheep. I refuse to “go quietly into the night” to enrich some bastard’s bank account.

  5. Comments removed by commenter’s request.

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