TSP Alert – Back to Grungy Laundry & Carpets

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I was wondering when they’d ban TSP. I recently had an interesting conversation with a fellow who works in the retail paint industry. I asked him about Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and if he was aware of people using it to supplement laundry detergent. He diplomatically declined to answer my question directly, but he did say that it would eventually be replaced by something else.

Why is this issue? Well, if you don’t know about using TSP in laundry you can read a bit more detail by clicking on Better Laundry as well as Rug Doctoring Carpets Need TSP.

I’ve begun stockpiling TSP (it lasts forever) because in this age of mindless political correctness you can bet that whatever they replace TSP with will be useless crap. So, once again we’ll be sentenced to grungy laundry and carpets.

You’ve been warned.

January 12, 2013

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1 Response to TSP Alert – Back to Grungy Laundry & Carpets

  1. John Garzon says:

    Thank you Goethe information. I think I will try it I heavily soiled carpets. First I ll test the area of coarse.

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