How to Recognize and Defend Against Psychopaths

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Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary video excerpted from chapter one of Stephan Verstappen’s book; The Art of Urban Survival. It teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society’s most dangerous predators: psychopaths.

Recognising a psychopath is more than an academic exercise. It could be one of the most important skills you ever learn. Although only a small percentage of the population is psychopathic, they are most often found in positions of trust and leadership. In other words they are often in positions where they can cause you and your loved ones great harm.

They know your weaknesses. They know how to push your buttons. If you don’t recognize and defend against them, you won’t know who they are and what they’re doing until it’s too late. They prey on decent people. And, they cannot be cured.

The first line of defense against these people is acknowledging their existence. The second line of defense is learning how to recognize them.

Although many psychopaths attain political and corporate leadership positions because of their ruthlessness and charm, people around you; people you work with and know personally can also be psychopaths. Not all psychopaths are serial killers. Your aunt or husband might be a psychopath who controls, manipulates and leads people to ruin and heartache.

Two words of warning about the video below: First, it’s very disturbing. Second, don’t be put off by the photos of famous people; not all the people pictured may be psychopaths but I’d be willing to bet that many are.

This is a “MUST WATCH” video that shows you how to recognize and defend against our society’s most dangerous predators, psychopaths.

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length) 37:38

I long ago learned to distrust videos (as well as TV) because it is difficult to engage one’s critical thinking skills. I prefer text for the simple reason I can read at my own speed, stop; think about what I just read and re-read passages. For you fellow skeptics, there is a PDF text version available by clicking HERE.

For further illustration of a psychopath’s thinking and glib justification, here is an essay written by an avowed psychopath.

Notice how cold, cunning, remorseless and self-serving she can be.

Although I’m allergic to most conspiracy theories, I do get very leery when too many coincidences pile up. I’ve long known that there are many people associated with Bill & Hillary Clinton’s past that have met with an untimely death, but I never knew until recently how long that list was. This is WAY more than coincidence.

There’s a total of 80 suspicious deaths (so far) including a James Milam who was decapitated and whose death the coroner ruled was due to natural causes. Try to overlook the poor grammar and spelling mistakes in this article about Arcancide.

By the way; Arkancide is short for “Arkansas suicide” because of the great number of suspicious suicides. This is what happens to people who get too close to psychopaths (Stalin & Hitler were notorious for murdering everyone who knew them). You need to be able to identify them in order to deal with them.

For more of these insightful Social Cost videos click HERE.

May 31, 2013

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