More Ass Media Distractions

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Much of what we see, hear and read in the ass media is senseless trivia designed to divert our attention from more important issues such as our shrinking economies, banksters robbing us blind, corporate greed, corrupt and incompetent governments and so on to infinity. Many of these issues have been covered in my other posts so I won’t belabor them here.

Does the Royal Baby or the riots in Egypt really affect your life in any way whatsoever? Here’s another senseless diversion:

Edward Snowden Reveals Governments Spy on Their Citizens

My goodness! Next we’ll hear there’s no Santa Claus.

Seriously though, you would have to be very naïve to take these Snowden revelations at face value. They are nothing more than engineered news leaks much like Wikileaks. They are propaganda programs that are slowly preparing us to accept our indentured future as slaves in the matrix.

The program is especially effective on boob-tubers addicted to their idiot boxes. It’s designed to instill a semblance of vicarious emotions that lead to a dead end; to make you no more than a spectator in your own life. Such proxy leads to passivity thereby preventing subversive actions. In other words it’s designed to keep the masses dumb and calm.

As I’ve said before; there are those who watch and those who do. If you watch, you’re asleep. Only doing is real. Action is reality. Everything else is bullshit.

You can be a subversive and a rebel and begin regaining your freedom and dignity by unplugging from the matrix; simply throw away your TV and get your news from alt blogs. This blog is but one of many. You can go to REAL News – Alt News Blog Links to see some I read. From there you can search other blogs. It’s like anything else; the more you do, the better you get at separating the pepper from the fly shit.

In any case, there are numerous articles questioning the Edward Snowden story. There are a few HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

When the ass media mother ship, the New York Times, publishes A Cheap Spying Tool With a High Creepy Factor ostensibly explaining how easy it is “to monitor the movement of everyone on the street – not by a government intelligence agency, but by a private citizen with a few hundred dollars to spare?” Using $25, credit-card size computer, a few over-the-counter sensors and a Wi-Fi adapter, a data visualization system can monitor all the wireless traffic of every nearby wireless device, including smartphones.

The article concludes, “Can individual consumers guard against such a prospect? Not really … Applications leak more information than they should … In addition, every Wi-Fi network that your cellphone has connected to in the past is also stored in the device, meaning that as you wander by every other network, you share details of the Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to in the past.”

Why is the New York Times telling us this? The meme is simple. Not only is your government spying on you; anyone can. Why, it’s so simple, even you can do it. So relax and accept the inevitable.

Does all this spying and invasion of my privacy bother me? No, not in the least.

In the first place, government and rogue agency spying is done by government bureaucrats most of whom are bungling, incompetent idiots who couldn’t find their reflection in a mirror if their lives depended on it.

In the second place, the amount of data collected is so immense that it’s incomprehensible. Mostly it involves collecting data such as phone numbers, locations, time and duration of call, etc. It’s no more than identification data that they sift and sort only AFTER some event. This explains why the idiots cannot prevent anything. In other words, nobody is actually listening to your conversation.

Consider the closing of U.S. embassies in the Middle East during the first weekend in August 2013 for fear of a bogey-man Al Qaeda attack. Nothing happened.

In the third place, 99.999% of the data is crap. I know. I used to listen to cell phone conversations. I have a radio with a short-wave band I use to occasionally monitor aircraft pilots and maritime traffic on the Great Lakes (especially during storms). Before cell phones became digital, they were analog and could be picked up on a short-wave radio. I’d adjust the frequency until I heard a conversation and then listen to determine if it was a flight crew, or a ship or another ham radio operator.

When a conversation was boring, tawdry, maudlin and meaningless, I knew I had logged onto an ordinary cell phone conversation so I continued spinning the dial and searching the airwaves. Listening to a private conversation was like looking at someone’s dirty laundry. That’s exactly how I felt: dirty. So I changed the dial.

I hate to say this, but most of your phone conversations are boring, tawdry, maudlin and mean nothing to anyone except yourself and likely not even the other person you’re talking to. We like to think we’re important, but that’s just another delusion that helps us make it through the day. So, I’m not the least worried about some brainless bureaucrat listening to my phone conversation. The boredom and ‘ick’ factor would soon rot what little brains they had.

I avoid (wireless) Wi Fi. I use a cable router for my computer and I use a land line phone at home. I use a company smart phone only for business and I encourage colleagues to call me on the company land line. I avoid Wi Fi not because I worry about security but because I simply don’t trust all that electromagnetic radiation.

We’re already frying our bodies with TV and radio waves, leaky microwaves, cell phone towers, computer monitors, high voltage transmission lines, the ever increasing use of fluorescent lights and the list goes on and on. So why add to the radiation with Wi Fi? Lack of security is just another reason to cut down on Wi Fi but I think jeopardizing our long term health is far more important than someone spying on our boring phone calls.

However, not everyone is as unconcerned about privacy as I am. In this age of ever-increasing Big Brother’s snooping it might be wise to learn more. If you are interested in protecting your privacy, I recommend Doug Hornig’s Want to Defend Your Privacy? on Lew Rockwell’s excellent website. It’s a long article but it’s eye-opening and thought-provoking. Doug says, “Even if you’re not part of a political movement, heaven help you if get caught up in some vast fishing expedition that hooks everyone who has ever visited some ‘suspicious’ website, or even merely typed in some alarm-bell keywords.”

He discusses TOR and Cryptohippie and many other VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks). Google, of course, records your searches and Doug covers other search engines that don’t.

Goodness, I wrote a short article for a change.

August 5, 2013

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4 Responses to More Ass Media Distractions

  1. GBV says:

    I had a scary thought about our growing surveillance state this weekend while watching The Running Man, not that Arnie had anything to do with triggering said scary thought.

    What if I’m a “dead man walking” already?

    If the state is tracking everything we’ve looked at and has been doing so for the past 10 years or more, they’ll already know all the bad things I’ve looked into over the past few years – particularly after 2007/2008. 9/11 conspiracies, the history of false flags, Jean-Paul Sartre, anything Zero Hedge’esq, government corruption, manipulation of data (particularly government statistics like CPI), off-grid living, manuals on firearms, and more recently counter-surveillance and how to hide one’s wealth from the “system”.

    If they really are watching, they’ve probably got a dossier on me as my web browsing habits make me sound kinda Loony Toons compared to the average Sheeple. And while I don’t think I’m their biggest (or even a big) threat at the moment, if totalitarianism grows within North America I have to worry that I’ll be preemptively black-bagged at some point in the future once all the bigger/louder threats are addressed.

    In other words Gerold, if you think you’re about to get “black bagged”, please let your readers know so we can make like a tree and GTFO of Dodge rather than become political prisoners of a corrupt system.

    Fleeing to the ends of the Earth (Timmins? Cochrane? Kapuskasing? HEARST!?!?) to avoid an insane government and its insane people and live as a hermit… gotta say, I never saw that one coming back in high school when they asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.


    • gerold says:

      I share your concerns, GBV. However, I don’t think it’ll happen overnight. If it gets to the point where even we small fry are targeted, I think we’ll have ample warning to get outa Dodge as the bigger fish will disappear first.

      Big Brother (at least for now) looks through the rear window and tends to collect the pieces only after a major event (so don’t do anything foolish). Right now they don’t have the smarts or programs to collate info to predict anything. That could change, but again, we’d have warning.

      However, being this blog’s author makes me a canary in the gold mine. If I stop updating without prior warning, then that’ll be the time to pull the pin. As I post only several times a month, keep an eye on the Humor section as that gets updated several times a week. Also, if I plan to be inaccessible for any length of time (usually last half December) I usually announce it on the Home page i.e. “Merry Christmas – I’ll be back in the New Year” or something like that.

      Stay tuned. It hasn’t even begun to get interesting yet.

      – Gerold

  2. Fred says:

    Just too easy for these agencies. I learned quite awhile ago that convenience is what sells. WI-FI is just way too convenient and it’s use will only continue to increase.

    • gerold says:

      You’re right, Fred. They create a demand for a product then create the products we buy to fulfill that demand.

      We have met the enemy and he is us.

      And so we continue to fry our butts and wonder why the cancer rate increases.

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