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October 20, 2013


The Illusion of Freedom – Democracy, Religion, Science and Propaganda

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

This is my latest article in the housing bull markets series which directly seeks to continue on from analysis of August 2013 (Peak Evolution – Benefits Culture, Shrinking Brains, Are Human’s De-Evolving?) which examined the change in humans from 10,000 years from hunter gathers to farmers, during which time humans have been on a de-evolving trend trajectory as evidenced by shrinking brain size, physical and genetic robustness as a consequence of the end of natural selection amongst many other indicators which in recent times has accelerated as a consequence of both technological advances and welfare state systems which favour survival of the weakest in every capacity over that of the strongest as today the least successful genes are encouraged to out reproduce the more successful / productive genes into a population of humans that is more subservient and less adapted to survival than that which proceeded it, which as I touched upon in my earlier article that just as the past 10,000 years seen the domestication of many animals such as cattle, sheep and chickens, so have human’s effectively been domesticated by the various ruling elite’s at the time into highly docile and compliant population’s in the service of the ruling elites of each society which enables a small ruling elite to relatively easily manage an ever increasing mass of slaves to their advantage.

The most effective systems of slavery are those where most of the people cannot perceived that they are in actual fact slaves. As an example whilst most in the west may be able to recognise that for instance most of the people living in North Korea are in fact living a slave existence. However many North Korean slaves have been successfully conditioned through propaganda to view themselves as being in a superior state of existence as compared to those that live in the west which they consider to be under U.S. Imperial control that seeks total dominion over the peoples of the planet, and for evidence they look at their own history of conflicts with the U.S. reinforced by a string of subsequent U.S. wars and military strikes.

The same can be said for any other system of slavery around the world, such as that of Russia, China and a whole host of religion based systems of slavery that operate right across the Islamic world with Ayatollah’s and Emir’s interpreting the will of God that the slave populations refute on risk of death.

So whilst many in the west may smugly look down on blatant slave systems, yet will be unable to recognise the far more sophisticated system of slavery that most of us (96%) actual live under, as our systems of slavery have evolved mechanisms such as democracy so as to encourage the illusion of freedom, capitalism so as to encourage the illusion of prosperity, state education, health and other government services so as to encourage the illusion that the state has our best interests at heart else why would they give is free (taxed) health care and education. However all of the mechanisms and state actions are purely for the interests of maximising productive output from its slave population, which is why the slaves in Britain and the US are far more productive than the slaves for instance in North Korea. If the master looks after his slaves then they will be more productive.

The most valuable resource that a society has is it’s people, and so this the most valuable of resources is farmed by the elite of the society so as to maximise productive output. For the longest time this was as actual actual slaves owned by a master(s) through a myriad of mechanisms such as serfdom that have evolved in order to maximise production from the humans, bred and conditioned for docility from birth with the current state of slavery primary mechanisms being religion, law, state education and services, propaganda, and off course the DEBT BASED SYSTEM which comprises, taxes, fiat currency, inflation and debt.

Each of these mechanisms have been refined over time into powerful tools for enslavement of the mass of humanity as domesticated animals in the service of the ruling elite, where I can imagine most reading this, despite being subject to all of the above mentioned mechanisms for control will still not be able to recognise their state of enslavement as a consequence of successful generational conditioning. It is just not possible for most people to recognise that they are slaves just as most North Koreans or Iranian’s or Saudi’s are unable to recognise the primary mechanisms through which they are slaves.

DEMOCRACY and the Illusion of Freedom

The financial crisis has given the general population a window into the reality of the system of slavery that exists in the west to the extent that the bankster elite rule the country and not the politicians who in large part are nothing more than propaganda servants in the service of their elite masters whom they hope to eventually join the ranks of on leaving office.

This is why instead of holding the bankster criminal elite to account the politicians have in action rather than rhetoric gone out if their way to protect their masters, which means in Britain no bankster’s have even been charged with a crime let alone gone to prison, instead they have ALL been BAILED OUT to UNLIMITED extent by ordinary tax payers, by the SLAVES who work for the elites in their factories, offices and retail outlets.

So all that happens each time a new bankster elite fraud is revealed is that the UK Treasury and Bank of England step forward to bail out the banks with ever escalating amounts of tax payer monies all the whilst deploying mainstream media smoke and mirrors to hide the extent of the bailouts, as exampled by the mis-selling scandals with another scandal revealed virtually every other month such as PPI mis-selling and the tens of billions that will need to be paid out as compensation for the LIBOR price fixing fraud, whilst the Bank of England’s brethren continue to bank billions in bonuses on the basis of fictitious taxed wage slaves funded profits.

Meanwhile the politicians play with smoke and mirrors such as alluding to the fact that the share prices of many tax payer bailed out banks are now showing a profit. What they fail to mention is that the Bank of England has stuffed the banks full of some £500 billion of free money to ensure that the stock prices would be inflated so that the Politicians can announce a small profit on for instance the £40 billion capital injection in LLoyds HBOS, that I am sure the share holdings will be sold at a deep discount to the bankster elite just as Royal Mail had recently been sold for just £1.7 billion after the companies debts and liabilities such as the pension’s liability of £12 billion was dumped onto tax payers. In total the cost to the tax payers could be as high as £20 billion for a £1.7 billion return.

The Liberal Democrats betrayal of virtually everything that they stood for from student tuition fees to electoral reforms, to rail fares illustrates the degree to which virtually ALL politicians SYSTEMATICALLY LIE. The truth is that in today’s western democracies politicians just cannot get elected unless they LIE.

At every election promises are made and after every election virtually NONE are kept! Because politicians primarily serve the interests of the ruling elite and the primary purpose of politics is to create a dense layer of smoke and mirrors for the elite to hide behind so as to continue to keep the slave populations as docile and as productive as possible, which is far more difficult to achieve under dictatorships which tends to result in far less productive slaves.

At this point I can imagine that many people will be arguing that countries such as Britain have the welfare state and the NHS [National Health Service] and myriad of other state interventions that support the general population. However, that is just what all farmers do, they tend to look after their livestock! The elite want healthy baby slaves to be born and then looked after, educated up to a certain level and kept in good health so as to maximise their productive capacity in the service of the elite. But slaves who imagine that by educating themselves to a high level will allow them to gain freedom will soon find themselves saddled with increasing amounts of debt for the whole of their lives for that is how the debt based system of slavery is designed to work. For most people all that more education will achieve is an even greater amount of debt. Likewise when slaves cease to be productive they are dealt with by systematically taking away much of the wealth they may have accumulated and finally being eliminated by the NHS.

NHS Hospitals of Death

Virtually every month a report or investigation emerges to reveal that Britians NHS hospitals are nothing more than slaughter houses for that part of the population that has ceased to be productive, no longer valuable to the elite, we are not talking about a few hundred extra deaths per year but well over one hundred thousand!

Three years ago the NHS Hospital of death headlines were concerned with some 1000 unnecessary deaths at the Mid Staffs Hospital of which some 300 were under police investigation. At the time I pointed out that this was merely the tip of the hospitals of death ice-berg, more recently reports highlighted a further 14 similar hospitals with extremely high death rates, and with probably many more to come in future reports. The report states that as many as 13,000 patients have been killed off needlessly by NHS hospitals over several years.

However this number does not include the shockingly high 130,000 patients each year who are put to death by means of the so called “Liverpool care pathway” by being drugged, dehydrated and starved to death as Channel 4 News reported:
“Evidence of patients desperate for a drink of water, nurses shouting at relatives who try to help and staff who appear to lack any compassion at all.”

“There is no clinical justification for refusing a dying person a drink. Some hospitals were found to offer high quality and compassion of care, but most weren’t.”

“The review has called for the Liverpool Care Pathway to be phased out, and replaced by personalised care plans and for an end to financial incentives for placing people on the care plan”

“Once again we are hearing the same phrases we heard about the standard of care at Mid Staffordshire hospital. A lack of openness, a lack of compassion. Nurses and doctors failing to put the patient first.”

The elite escape the fate that awaits the slave population as they are able to purchase REAL life prolonging healthcare in the private sector.

This illustrates the truth about the public sector in that it exists to give the illusion of service in the interests of the general population but in reality the public sector exists to manage fellow slaves so as to ensure they follow the system, it is in the public sector slaves self interest for the system of slavery to persist for they are rewarded for their slavery reinforcement roles as they tend to be Unproductive when compared to the private sector slaves.

NHS the Opium of the Masses

Any patient can find out the truth about the NHS by comparing NHS consultation’s against a Private consultations, in many cases slave patients will find a huge disparity in diagnoses and recommended treatments because the NHS in large parts is just another means of controlling and literally sedating the slave population by giving the illusion of state protection and well being.

After Democracy

Many readers will assume that democracy is the final destination for societies, but the reality is one of COMPETING ELITE’s which means that it is only a question of time before a powerful elite emerges that seeks to further concentrate power in their hands, and so today’s democracies could easily become tomorrows dictatorships, for an example of this we only need to look at modern Russia which went from a Tyranny to Democracy to Oligarchy back to Dictatorship, all within 20 years!


One of the key differences between humans and all other creatures is that we are AWARE of TIME, we are aware that we have a time-line from Birth to DEATH and thus the human mind has an in built GENETIC need for a system of beliefs to enable human consciousness to be able to cope with consequence of being self aware, and all of the questions it raises including coping with the fact that death awaits us all. Since the dawn of history Religion has filled this requirement for a System of Beliefs to allow humans to function, as religions sought to answer EVERY question on the basis of doctrine as dictated by the creator(s) and as explained via their divine representative on earth.

Religion’s like a vultures constantly circle overhead looking for any signs of distress, preying on human emotions which tend to be at their most extreme following the death of a loved on, promising what they can NEVER deliver, promising that people will see their dead loved ones again in an perfect AFTER LIFE but only if they follow religious doctrine as they will conveniently lay out for them.

The ruling elite of societies have always used and encouraged religion’s as their PRIMARY tool for enslavement of the mass of people on the promise of a far better Life After Death, to be granted on the condition of following the preaching’s of religious doctrine in the service of the elite, and so it still persists to this very day, that despite living in the Age of Reason, still over 90% of the peoples of the world invest themselves in Religious Belief systems on the promise of life After death. This despite the fact when one a person looks on the preaching’s of another religion as to what has to be done in order to gain an After Life, they will tend to find such rituals completely ridiculous, but the reality is that they are just mirror images of how other people see their religion.

Judaism – Jews nodding their lives away in front of an old stone Wall and perceiving themselves as being the ‘chosen people’ by god (you can’t get any more elitist than that!) Who continue to say ‘god gave them this that or the other land’ the borders of which always tend to expand, when the truth is that the land is always stolen from the indigenous population’s (Palestinians), and the same holds true for all other religions in their wars of conquest be it the Muslim Ummah or the Christian Crusades, the wholesale theft of what is called the USA from the Native Indian’s or Europeans civilising the African, Asian and South American savages as justification for the theft of their lands in colonial wars of conquest and slavery!

Islam – Religions encourage brainwashing through repetitive rituals such as reciting prayers and seeing the hand of god in everything, as an example the pinnacle of Muslim rituals is the Hajj which includes throwing pebbles at stone pillars, walking around the Kaba (cube shaped building) 7 times, then stampeding to kiss the black stone (meteorite) after which many of whom can expect to be in receipt of 40-72 virgins in an afterlife and everything else that is prohibited in this life such as alcohol, with everyone living in their own palaces and made young again for eternity. Whilst all those who do not follow the Islamic program will off course burn in hell for eternity.

Christianity – Christians with rosaries at hand eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ at Communion, praying to statues of supposedly a virgin girl who gave birth to a child, 2,000 years before the first test tube baby was born, or even proclaiming seeing miracles in random patterns in wood, fruit and vegetables that resemble the face of Jesus Christ and many have convinced themselves that the Rapture will take them straight to heaven just prior to End Times, despite the fact that there is NO MENTION of the Rapture in the bible! And off course Christians who followed the program will go straight to heaven whilst everyone else burns in hell for eternity.

Hinduism with a multitude of half man half animal gods such as the pink half man half elephant god, and a woman with 6 arms amongst many others. Hindus’s believe in reincarnation that they are reborn in new bodies until their souls merge with God. The blatant flaw here is that there are 7 billion people alive today, TEN times the number alive 1,000 years ago! So where did all of the new souls supposedly come from? Off course there is always an answer and that is apparently animals are being reincarnated too as humans! Woof ! Woof!

Many may consider reincarnation as being ridiculous but it is just another manifestation for the desire for an afterlife, as such examples continue for all religions, where for those immersed in each religion such beliefs and rituals are perceived as being the ABSOLUTE DIVINE TRUTH but to those of other religions are seen as being ridiculous.

Religions virtually nearly always boil everything down to the all knowing and all seeing Invisible Man in the Sky who watches your EVERY action (Even more so than the NSA)! As the ultimate Big Brother mechanism for control.

Religious slave indoctrination begins early in a child’s life that results in most people spending a large part of their lives preparing themselves to start to really live in an AFTERLIFE even to the extent that many followers of religions under the right circumstances would be willing to sacrifice their lives, even in young adulthood on the promise of what they will receive in the after life.

At some point in the not too distant future technology will be better able to help human’s cope with their emotional needs in coming to terms with death by offering a sort of digital after life, and thus will become less reliant on the religious vultures that promise paradise in exchange for a slave existence in this life. People will increasingly learn to sing their own songs rather than to rhythmically writhe to songs of thousands years past.

The flaw at the heart of all major religions is that they were written in times of when myths and superstitions were perceived as being facts, when the editors of the holy books did not know that the earth and the moon are NOT the same size or that the Earth orbits the Sun rather than the Sun orbiting the earth, let alone that Sun was just one of over 200 billion stars in our galaxy that was just one of over 200 billion galaxies. The flaw is that as it is religious doctrine so the holy books cannot for want of a better word be UPDATED, and there in lies the problem where logically people cannot reconcile reason with superstition, so will increasingly come to live a schizophrenic existence.

The bottom line is that we are living in an increasingly technologically advanced age of reason where virtually any modern day item would in the past be perceived as a miracle to worship, and we don’t need to use something as highly advanced as a smartphone the inner workings of which 99% of the population would fail to understand, but something as low-tech and simple to erect by most people as a greenhouse, which if transported back 2000 years ago would be perceived as the most holiest of holy’s to direct prayers towards for the magical life giving properties that the small building exhibits that surely manifests the presence of god within it’s crystal clear walls. But of course we all know its only a greenhouse!


Science is also based on a system of beliefs, though unlike Religious beliefs, scientific beliefs are tested, replicated and peer reviewed through use of of the scientific method. But even here, talk long enough with a self professed non religious scientist and they too will meander towards a belief system that has its basis in myths, i.e. that approx 90% of the universe is made of dark energy and dark matter, something that they cannot test for or see so outside of the scientific method.

After all a scientists brain is the same as any other persons brain, and in some ways resembles more closely those of religious fanatics for they are able to close their minds off to the consequences of their actions in terms of the potential for harm to humanity such as nuclear weapons, and more recently genetic engineering, just as the most fervent religious believers tend to have a total loss of the sense of reality as they await Armageddon and the day of judgement so that they can begin their after lives for eternity.

Most ordinary people perceive Science in a similar manner to that which preceded it. I.e. Until about 150 years ago, the vast majority of western populations perceived nature in terms of acts of god, so if someone fell ill then they prayed for god to save them because there was no medicine that actually healed.

Slowly, science has progressed in many areas such as medicine, and so people have increasingly put their faith in science believing in its explanations for what they perceive in nature when it clearly cannot be so as fundamentally science concludes that most of the universe is unknown to us, it is DARK. Which is a similar game that many religions tend to play! We don’t understand so God did it. Science does not understand so its ALL DARK. An entity called God created the universe, or the universe came into existence by chance, out of pure nothing. God made man in his own image or man came about by pure evolutionary chance.

Another example is the religious concept of Infinity i.e. God is infinite, scientists and mathematicians also use infinity to explain what they don’t understand so introduced infinity so as to arrive at an answer which in my opinion is a completely religious construct, because in the real world there cannot be infinity, nothing can be infinite, not even the universe! Let alone a black hole repeatedly said to have infinite density where scientists imagine all sorts of weird god like constructs.

Similarly the Big Bang could not have been born out of a singularity (infinity). Therefore the sciences, maths and physics etc that rely on infinity are just introducing god, religion and ETERNITY through the back door, nothing is ETERNAL, INFINITE, Not even TIME!

Mathematicians even speculate on different types of infinites, the countable and the unaccountable type which is bigger, how can one infinity be bigger than another ?
In my opinion, eventually mathematicians and scientists must realise that in the real world there is no such thing as infinity and just like god it is the construct of a very finite human mind.

So, just as many people today in the west at least consider religion to be a man made myth, I am pretty confident that there will come a time when many people will realise that science as we know it today will also in large part be recognised as being a man made myth! A function of that which is the capability of human brains to perceive.

ECONOMCIS is Propaganda

Economics is a form of religion, a means for controlling the masses, the fact that it is difficult for most people to recognise this despite the fact that economists have time and time again proven to be near 90% wrong, which illustrates how successful economics is as a tool for state propaganda as the State continues to print money in its various forms such as debt to maintain its power over people. Know this the cause of inflation is pure and simple government money printing that benefits those that are leveraged to inflation i.e. the elite who own the means of production and assets.

The only mechanism that humans have for seeing through the propaganda is to experience PAIN and REWARD, which is something that vested interest academic economists and pseudo economists in the mainstream press rarely tend to experience as a consequence of another evolutionary development which is that people tend to easily forget when people are wrong if they experience little pain to imprint those memories.

Britains’ savers and workers have continued to pay the price for over 5 years of artificially low interest rates as the Bank of England continues to print money to monetize government debt and drive down all interest rates in the economy the consequences for which is for persistently sub-inflation rates of interest that ensures that depositor cash over the coming decade will be stolen in MOST part as I warned several years ago and as iterated in the January 2010 Inflation Mega-trend Ebook (Free download), whilst the Bank of England continues to attempt to keep the general population sedated with the economic propaganda mantra of the always imminent risk of deflation something that was NEVER probable but just an excuse for the stealth theft of wealth by means of high real inflation which exists even on the governments own highly suspect official CPI measure of inflation that tends to under-report real inflation by approx 1.5% per annum.

Instead Britains’ savers and workers continue to be impacted by the consequences of the EXPONENTIAL Inflation mega-trend as illustrated by the below graph that clearly demonstrates the deflation of the great recession of 2008-2009 that vested interest academic economists that populate the mainstream press continue to regurgitate amounts to nothing more than an inconsequential blip.


The impact on savers of the inflation stealth theft is worsened by the 20%-40% additional theft by means of double taxation on savings interest i.e. Inflation erodes the value of your savings by currently about 4% then the government taxes you by 20% to 40% on the sub inflation interest rate you will be in receipt of which means that savers are guaranteed to lose near 2% of the value of savings per year that amounts to an estimated theft of 14% over the past 5 years.


My current series of articles on the UK housing market illustrates what I see as the current best strategy for ordinary people to protect themselves from the global inflation war against savings as was the stock market the primary mechanism for the preceding 5 years.


Not in reality, as I recognised several decades ago, the markets are manipulated by the elite to their advantage, which is why the slaves (most people) LOSE money in the markets because they are LAST to join trends just before they end after the elite distribute positions into them.

The failure rate for financial market and commodity traders has remained at a consistently high 90% for many decades, this despite all of the advances in information technology and the flood of new learning materials that is churned out annually, therefore why is it that 90% of traders still lose despite the plethora of new technical tools and theories each year?

If you have read my past trading articles and ebook’s you should understand that I consider Technical Analysis in large part to be a red herring in terms of the decision making process with regards trading. In that technical analysis assumes knowledge and understanding of past price history as the key towards trading success i.e. that the outcome of past price patterns are likely to repeat in the future and thus should be acted upon when they re-occur.

An simple example is the head and shoulders pattern which is very easy to learn to interpret and then apply, the only problem is that it does not actually deliver a greater than 50% probability of its outcome being probable for virtually all markets i.e. a coin flip is actually more probable than the head and shoulders pattern, if so then why not just flip a coin?

Because psychologically it is not possible to commit to a trade on the flip of a coin, so over time reasons for entering into trades eventually created what came to be known as Technical Analysis.

The truth of how to trade can only be known to those who are ignorant of the technical methods for understanding markets.

The truth is that one can only consistently make trading profits by reacting to price movements in real time. Rather than repeat what I have already written at length I refer you to this section on the real secrets of trading in my recent ebook The Stocks Stealth Bull market update 2013 (FREE DOWNLOAD).

If you understand this to be true, then it may well change your whole perspective on life because once one understands what the past is and what the future is and that neither are as important as the present, because it is ones actions in the present that determine our interpretation of the past and expectations of the future.

For instance religions have their whole basis in stories of events in the distant past i.e. the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, or that our sins will be forgiven if we follow what was said to be written several thousand years ago, as psychological baggage that effects our perceptions of the present as a determinant for guiding ones actions towards a future outcome that is reliant on stories of far distant events.

Whereas if one understands that the PRESENT is not connected to a manufactured record of the past i.e. your skewed perception of past market price action in terms of price patterns, as a means of controlling your perception or actions in the present, then you will understand that you are FREE from the burdens that a manufactured past imposes upon your current actions, as the past does not matter because the truth is that the past does not effect the future instead our current actions seek out a cause in the past.

Religion clearly illustrates this tendency to find reason in the past when non exists. For instance talk to some one of any religious faith with regards any of the scientific discoveries of the past few two hundred years that bring religious doctrine into disrepute such as the Big Bang, and they will tend to re-interpret scripture to imply that their religion already alluded to such scientific knowledge i.e. usually taking the form that God was behind the big bang and hence created the universe, and draw on vague re-interpretations of existing texts such as-
Colossians 1:15-17 “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

And on and on it goes as all religions play the same game of attaching present discoveries to vague past texts.

The weight of past doctrine, be it in markets, politics, society or religion is purely to explain and control our actions in the present, so that we lose sight of the here and now, as we remain fixated both on the past and the future as we have effectively given up control of our present.

Humans are the only animal that does not live in the present, because we recognise that we are going die, so we give up the present to cope with knowledge that we will one day die by immersing ourselves in a manufactured past that implies we could live beyond death so that we forget about the present. Not only that but religion fools us into thinking that our bodies are disposable i.e. we tend to view body parts in terms of possessions – my hands, my legs, my eyes, my body rather than all being me. Not only that but religion and society puts us on a conveyor belt that is focused on some future reward, such as wealth, power or a place in heaven, whilst the present is ignored right upto the point we arrive at our end.

Know this we cannot explain anything by looking to the past, as all it does is to delay our understanding and experience of the present as we remain fixated on the past and the future.

When one puts on a trade, that action is in the present, the mistake many people make is to want to connect our decision in the present with what may have happened in the past, which is understandable because that is how society / religion programs us to think.

In terms of the bigger picture we could also say that religion is the same as technical analysis in that it enslaves ones actions in the present to the past as a consequence of most people being unable to cope with the freedom of making decisions in the present as a consequence of being indoctrinated.

Education – For Most Students Universities Are a Scam – Who Gets the Jobs ?

In the west we are born into societies that put the child (individuals) on a perpetual conveyor belt towards religiously following the states education program. Where the child is constantly being conditioned to follow the rules as laid down by the elite that controls society. The child is conditioned to be always focused on working towards a far distant future reward (target job), where all of the education the child is in receipt of are steps on the path towards being rewarded with the hoped for job and accompanying wealth and prosperity.

The child remains focused on many milestones along this path towards reaching the goal of wealth and prosperity enabling them to achieve a successful life. From nursery school to primary school to junior school to secondary school to college and onto university and then to post graduate learning and on and on it goes where the destination appears always to be just out of reach requiring that bit more educational conditioning to be achieved.

The truth is that state education that seeks to condition people into following the ‘system’ from cradle to grave, is little different to that which religion seeks to do. Where the key difference is that religion states that your reward will be in the after life.

The reality is that state education, as do religions seek to condition the approx 95% of general population into becoming docile slaves, where for most western nations slavery is focused around conditioning individuals into becoming debt / wage slaves and less so as slaves to religious doctrine, as the mask of religion for many in the west has been at least partiality lifted by scientific progress as illustrated by evolution.

However, the elite still need to rule, so new pseudo religions are created, one such is state education that most remain immersed in for at least the first 25 years of their lives if not longer. And given that the same human minds that created religion also created science it can be concluded that science itself is in fact a religion.

Today’s’ students give up near 30 years of their lives in pursuit of a state education program that results in most people (75%) leaving university with near worthless degrees plus some £60k of debt to service for the next 25 years as most of the major employers pay little attention to 90% of Universities and instead remain focused on the Russell group of Universities in descending order from Oxford and Cambridge.

Furthermore, the Elite always see opportunity in this condition to extract more labour from the slaves, and so we see many large corporations deploying their own versions of scientology, i.e. perpetual education programmes where there is always another level for the student to buy into aka the the perpetual Cisco, Microsoft certification tracks.

Today’s University students will graduate with approx £60,000 of debt and most will soon be shocked to find that their degrees are pretty much worthless, as the jobs they imagined they would be able to get are not going to be made available to them for they fail to understand that degrees from most universities are not valued by most of the major employers.

Why because the best jobs go to candidates with degrees from first Ox-Bridge then the remaining 20 or so of Universities that fall under the banner of the Russell Group, and who gets a place at Ox-Bridge ? The children of the elite and decreasingly down the list of the Russell group of Universities, which leaves the mass of the population who THINK they are receiving equal education attending the other 180 or so universities which immediately put the students at 10-1 DISADVANATGE i.e. you are at LEAST TEN times LESS likely to gain entry into the Professional that you have qualified for than if you went to a Russell Group University and X100 times LESS likely than if you went to Ox-Bridge! Because that is where the children of the top 1% tend to attend.

And it is worse still! Because The elite do favours for fellow elite when it comes to giving the children of fellow a elite entrance into one of the professions, and this is why for most people University really is a scam!

Students are far better off focusing on becoming entrepreneurs than in imagining that they can all join a profession because over 90% of those jobs are reserved for the 1% elite and the upper middle classes i.e. the top 10% with contacts.

The bottom line is this that state education conditions the masses into become docile wage slaves, where one’s reward is always in some far distant future called retirement when one will finally be free from slavery to do what one has always wanted to do, off course the truth is that most people by then won’t be in any shape either physically, mentally or financially to enjoy their freedom.


One only really appreciates the degree to which we are subject to propaganda that calls itself news when we view the mainstream news media of another countries, for instance Russia’s RT News and Iran’s Press TV are able to construct highly convincing programming that paints a far different picture to that which we would receive from the likes of the BBC and SKY News in the UK. Off course the blatant flaw here is that both RT News and Press TV are completely blind to their own corrupt elite controlled governments criminal behaviour.

There is no such thing as FREE PRESS in the west, for the mainstream media is OWNED and CONTROLLED by the elite and thus both broadcast and printed and online media exist to propagate the elites agenda. For those who say what about the BBC? Well the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) which extorts a £145 licence fee from every household in Britain each year whether they want to watch it or not, exists to promote the British elites agenda and like all public sector agencies to justify its own self value and existence, and so the news programming in support of sedating the public in terms of how glorious and powerful Britain still is, and in support for the continuation of big government for an expanding public sector.

CONTROL THROUGH FEAR – Ruling elites primary propaganda tool for controlling the masses through the media is via FEAR. This is why the vast majority of news stories are FEAR related, such as the ever present risk of a terrorist attack, economic depression, environmental catastrophes, energy crisis, FEAR of Syrian chemical weapons, Nuclear fears, Weather Fears, Global Warming fears, Fears, FEARS!

We are always in a constant state of crisis, with ever present all pervading threats that demand government intervention, ever expanding powers and controls. Therefore most of the news media programming is aimed towards managing the general populations psychological response towards a particular FEAR that never match the magnitudes of the risk, either that or allow politicians to give voice to their LIES.

The following video illustrates how most mainstream news stories are created.

Another thing to note is that many of the most prominent journalists are on the payrolls of the intelligence agencies working towards furthering the interests of the ruling elite.


The intelligence agencies are another example of how the public sector functions as a means of controlling the slave population. The recent revelations of the PRISM system for the all prevailing global phone calls and internet access super surveillance state won’t come as any surprise to most readers as new technologies are ALWAYS subverted by the state to spy on its citizens, and so citizens of the world have been given a glimpse into the current state of the surveillance state following leaks of the US operation PRISM which concerns ALL of your private phone calls, transactions, communications, accesses and interactions with virtually all of the major communications and web services from tek giants such as Verizon, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, AOL, Yahoo and even Apple, who gave us the anti big brother sales propaganda against IBM near 30 years ago (1984), only now to be revealed that Apple too is part and parcel of the state security apparatus.


As ever Brit’s are second class citizens as to the degree to which British people are under state surveillance courtesy not only of the rampant phone and internet surveillance but by far having the most CCTV cameras per capita that the US and Chinese secret police states can only dream of replicating.

The truth as I have often warned of many times during the years is that the intelligence agencies are arms of the elite towards the objective of total control of the general population through fear of what the state through its various institutions such as the NHS and Inland Revenue will do to Individuals and thus the Intelligence agencies seek to condition the population towards the elitist agenda of control and where those who are flagged as threats to their interests to be systematically neutralised.

Virtually everyone is psychologically susceptible towards being conditioned, so to speak having ones buttons pressed towards a particular outcome, something which the intelligence agencies have a wide arsenal of tools at their disposal and long experience of.

The bottom line is that 1984 happened, people in the UK, US and most of the west are living in a VIRTUAL PRISM (Prison). As individuals the only thing we can do is to try and ride on the coat tails of the elites agenda i.e. to profit from money printing inflation consequences of control that cycles through asset classes such as stocks and for which today’s primary opportunities are in the UK and US housing markets.

The bottom line is that politicians and democracies are merely fronts for the elite to control as most of the population are taught in state schools to become docile debt slaves in the service of their elite masters. Which my articles have been focused on illuminating the consequences of and strategies for neutralising such as not partaking in the system of debt slavery and being aware of the inflation mega-trend consequences of policies aimed at funneling wealth to the elite, in that individuals can engineer their asset portfolios to be leveraged to inflation as money printing bubbles are repeatedly blown by central banks which is how the elite accumulate their wealth and through which they disenfranchise the mass of the population into owning nothing i.e. people with mortgages own nothing! All mortgage holders are just glorified renters, where if you stop paying the mortgage (rent) then you will be ejected from your home – See Stocks Stealth Bull Market 2013 and Beyond Ebook (FREE DOWNLOAD).

The point it is this that most people are genetically prone to be slaves to the elite, this is how our parents and society conditions us from birth to ensure that we follow what is programmed in our genes. However, the slave gene can be turned off during our life through environmental influences.

In my opinion the key to achieving freedom of sorts from genetic and social programming is to realise that what is most important is the PRESENT, rather than the past or future which is a distraction that the societal conditioning seeks as a means to control us i.e. we are conditioned to always be focused on the future by referring to the past. This is what religion does, this is what science does, because both achieve the same goal of making you forget about the PRESENT! As it is in the PRESENT where ALL actions take place, but most people give up most of their important decision making processes to the past for a reward in the future.

The next article in this series will be Governments Inflating Housing Bubbles to Encourage Debt Slaves to Borrow. Ensure you remain subscribed to my always FREE newsletter to receive this analysis in your email in box during the coming week.

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Nadeem Walayat

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Nadeem Walayat has over 25 years experience of trading derivatives, portfolio management and analysing the financial markets, including one of few who both anticipated and Beat the 1987 Crash. Nadeem’s forward looking analysis focuses on the housing market, inflation, economy, and interest rates. He is the author of four ebook’s in the The Inflation Mega-Trend and Stocks Stealth Bull Market series that can be downloaded for Free.

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I have a bit of financial experience having invested in stocks in the 1960s & 70s, commodities in the 80s & commercial real estate in the 90s (I sold in 2005.) I'm back in stocks. I am appalled at our rapidly deteriorating global condition so I've written articles for family, friends & colleagues since 2007; warning them and doing my best to explain what's happening, what we can expect in the future and what you can do to prepare and mitigate the worst of the economic, social, political and nuclear fallout. As a public service in 2010 I decided to create a blog accessible to a larger number of people because I believe that knowledge not shared is wasted.
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5 Responses to The Illusion of Freedom – Democracy, Religion, Science and Propaganda – MarketOracle

  1. dc.sunsets says:

    Nothing new here. Between Orwell’s “Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism” by fictional character Emanuel Goldstein and Nock’s “Isaiah’s Job,” we pretty much knew all this.

    Then again, “Brave New World, indeed.”

    • gerold says:

      Thanks for the link to a very interesting article, dc. The comments are thought-provoking, too.

      I’m no longer surprised how often we confuse cause and effect (must be my 6 Sigma background).

      It’s not porn or future sex-bots that are causing men to lose interest in sex. Men are losing interest in sex (Cause) for a number of reasons (below) so they turn to porn as a substitute (Effect).

      A) Just as the overpopulation of a rat colony leads to major dysfunctions, so does the overpopulation of humans do the same and losing interest in sex is one of those dysfunctions.

      B) The FemiNazis are part of that dysfunction. They are alienating men who lose interest in sex with real women. Why take the chance on a relationship that’s doomed from the start?

      C) Men know that the divorce courts see them as scum; little more than a sperm bank and a wallet, so who needs that shit?

      We constantly overlook the fact that we humans are animals albeit of the human species. Our unconscious instincts guide us more than we’re willing to admit. The only time we put our intellect into gear is to rationalize actions that were driven by our instincts. Self-delusion is the hallmark of mankind. A monkey might try to fool another monkey, but a monkey won’t fool itself. Only humans do that.

      I’ve always been cursed by being early to the party. By the time the party gets going, I’ve lost interest and gone elsewhere. I’m one of the sensitive ones that see the crap coming long before it hits the fan.

      I’m glad I’m old. After ‘swinging’ my way through the free-lovin’ 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s I became jaded, realized I never wanted to raise children during the decline of civilization, stopped chasing skirts, got a life and had a vasectomy (talk about triple redundancy!)

      Good timing, too. If I “came home with more than I left with” a shot of penicillin would have cured it. Now, STD’s are incurable and a life sentence.

      That makes me part of the problem/solution.

      – Gerold

  2. Paul says:

    Speaking of the illusion of freedom, I always found in contradictory for someone to think they are free, if they are simply told that they are free. Real freedom is anarchy. Want people want really is stability, so that they don’t have to wake up every morning wondering if this will be their last day alive.

    • dc.sunsets says:

      True, people desire order, not chaos. Humanity is always on a sine wave curve; systems to produce order swing from more parasitic to less, from more just to less, from more productive to more wasteful, etc.

      Democracy was always doomed to be more parasitic, less just and less productive. The incentives embedded in “voting” make it so, especially when you consider the “average” person (and that half of all people are thus below that.)

      • gerold says:

        You’re right, DC. Plato considered democracy nothing but ‘mob rule’; a corrupt form of a republic.

        And, I always forget that average means that half are below that. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll never forgive my parents for raising me to respect people, especially women, before they’ve earned it. I must be doomed to NOT learn that lesson.


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