Murdoch Media Madness

I don’t know about TV news (are you still watching that shit?) but the internet is abuzz with Murdoch media madness. It seems one of Rupert Murdoch’s publications, The News of the World did some bad stuff (hacking & bribing) that’s being investigated and, no doubt, criminal charges will be laid and heads will roll.

Wait! Heads are already rolling. Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International which owns The News of the World has fallen on her sword although Rupert was sly enough to keep her on the payroll for a while to take the heat and act as a human shield. Today, she was arrested. Also going down according to the Financial Times and recently arrested is Neil Wallis, former News of the World Journalist and now a PR consultant with the Metropolitan Police. Goodness, this evil has deep tentacles.

That’s not all. On Friday, July 15, Les Hinton, Publisher of The Wall Street Journal resigned because he ran News International at the time the alleged hacking took place. Wait, there’s more. Today, July 17 the head of Britain’s Scotland Yard, Paul Stephenson, resigned over accusations about the police’s handling of phone hacking investigations. There seems to be no end to this contagion.

Ok, sarcasm off now. However, I am getting a mite suspicious about the media feeding frenzy. Is it just coincidence that the news of Conrad Black being ordered back to prison is now off the front page when another right wing … oops, I mean conservative newspaper gets targeted by the left wing … oops, I mean liberal media? Oh, it’s difficult reining in my sarcasm. It’s harder still to believe in coincidences and regular readers of this blog know how little I believe in coincidences. There may be coincidences in our dreary little lives but in the upper reaches, these things are not coincidence; they are planned.

Conservative media, mean and nasty as they are, tend to be muckrakers, turning over rocks and digging up unpleasant shit. On the other hand, the liberal media don’t do squat, are very humble and compliant and are no threat to our Lords and Masters, the Powers-That-Be, the Illuminati, the Power Elite, the Banksters who rule the world or whatever conspiratorial moniker you wish to apply.

Lest you misunderstand, I’m not saying the conservatives are innocent. Every party has the media in their pocket. Every party is party to the cozy relationship between politicians and the media. Conservative UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher knighted five serving editors who supported her party. She didn’t even wait for them to leave their posts. How blatant is that?

There is no unbiased media. To call them whores would be an insult to prostitutes. My point is you can’t trust the media whatever their ilk. So why are you still watching that stupid TV?

And, it’s not just the British. Both American parties are guilty of pandering to the media.

No, boys and girls, the fall of Conrad and Rupert is no coincidence. The world is being prepared for us mushrooms so we can continue to be kept in the dark, fed shit and wonder when we’re going to get canned. Thankfully we still have alternate news blogs and the internet (I call it the ‘alternet’) … for now. Enjoy it while you can because I guarantee the nameless ones are searching for ways to pull the plug.

July 17, 2011

Update July 21, 2011 – there’s no end to this sad saga. Check this video:

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