Insane Norwegian Killer

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Barely mentioned in the mainstream news today is a report from Norway. Confessed mass killer Anders Breivik has been declared criminally insane after a court-ordered mental evaluation. The Globe and Mail buried the short Associated Press article on page 24. You’ll recall that Breivik killed 77 people this last July in response to what he saw as modern political correctness enabling the radical Islamic take-over of Western culture.

I do not in any way condone killing civilians to make a statement. However, there seems to be much left unsaid, as usual.

The CBC reported that Norwegians were surprised at the verdict and The AP article in the Globe and Mail said much the same thing, “The conclusions surprised many outside experts and contrasted with earlier comments by the head of the review panel, who said in July that it was unlikely that Breivik would be declared insane because the attacks were so carefully planned and executed.”

So why is there surprise at this outcome? The way I see it, the Norwegian authorities didn’t have much choice. Declaring Breivik insane solves several difficult problems.

In the first place, psychiatry itself is based largely on junk science. Numerous books have been written trashing psychiatry: Garth Wood’s “The Myth of Neurosis” and E. Fuller Torrey’s “Freudian Fraud” are but two of them that examine how this psedo-religious doctrine is completely lacking in factual support or theoretical rigor. It is so nebulous it is difficult to understand and yet it has gained such a widespread acceptance. This makes it easy to declare someone insane and difficult to fight such a verdict.

But, why would they have Breivik declared insane in the first place? Imagine what would happen if he were convicted and imprisoned (Norway does not have the death penalty.) He would be a hero to those who see the danger of radical Islam and he would certainly be a hero to his fellow prisoners. Languishing in prison would make him a martyr and increase his followers.

As well, he wrote a meticulously researched manifesto 2083 a European Declaration of Independence. It take a while to load. It explains how modern political correctness is destroying our Western values and culture. By declaring Breivik insane, the manifest is tarnished and now the mere ranting of a madman.

And last, how many governments have ever admitted to erring. The Norwegian government, like so many others has allowed the enemy through the gates and our insipid notion of multiculturalism enables it to continue. Although Denmark and Holland are having second thought about their Muslims, many of whom refuse to assimilate, Norway is still in denial about the problem, hence this whitewash.

Breivik has been labeled as paranoid and schizophrenic. If you wish to read the ranting of another paranoid madman (me) you can click on Everything I Know About Islam

November 30, 2011

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