Ukraine – All Talk, No Action

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The ass media and the blogosphere continue to play up the so-called crisis in the Ukraine, but it’s just a diversion to distract us from far more important issues like sinking further into recession and this never-ending, stealth Depression which is about to get a lot worse. Even Ron Paul has jumped on the ‘state of fear’ bandwagon trying to make us afraid that WW III will break out.

Relax, people! WW III won’t start because of the events in Ukraine. Apologies to Ukrainians, but Ukraine is about as important as Haiti, probably even less so because Haiti is in the Western hemisphere and Ukraine is halfway around the world. Ukraine is important to Ukrainians who live there and to Europeans because a large amount of Russian oil and gas flows through Ukraine’s pipelines to Europe.

Why is the West meddling with Ukraine? As usual, we need to follow the money. Jim Willie CB of Hat Trick Letter says, “Just like with Syria, a hidden giant energy deposit is concealed under the table. Off the Lebanese and Syrian coast, a massive off-shore energy deposit was recently discovered. The US & UK & Israeli oligarchs wish to take it all. Confusion is their game. In the western plains of Ukraine, a massive gas deposit was recently discovered. The US & European oligarchs wish to take it all. Confusion is their game.”

Ukraine gas fields

And, gullible Ukrainians believe the West’s lies! Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Ukrainians forget how NATO betrayed the Hungarian uprising in 1956.

However, Ukraine is extremely important to Russia for a number of reasons the least of which is its location; situated on its doorstep. If Ukraine fell into Western hands and joined the EU and NATO, then Russia would have Amerikan missiles on it border. Thus, Russia has a lot more to lose than the ultra-rich elites who helped depose a democratically elected (admittedly brutal and corrupt) Ukrainian Prime Minister and to whom Ukraine is just a drop in the bucket of their ill-gotten loot.

However, that won’t stop the Power Elite’s ass media handmaidens nor the doom and gloomers banging the war drums; the former to keep us fearful so we won’t notice our pockets are being picked and the latter to sell their books and newsletters (this blog’s still free).

Here’s a smattering of recent headlines followed by my brief comments:

Ukraine Crisis, Black Swans & A Global Meltdown
The U.S. Dollar Index, in its long-term decline, broke the key psychological level of 80 which would have happened with or without the so-called crisis in the Ukraine.

The operative word is “could” which means nothing. Amerikans will blink like they did with the brief Georgian incursion into South Ossetia (2008) and backing off from invading Syria last year.

Ukraine parliament delivers ultimatum to Crimea over referendum
The Crimean Parliament is told to stop their independence referendum or else the Ukrainian Parliament will talk them to death.

Ukraine crisis: Russian troops take Ukrainian border guards hostage
This is the 11th Crimean border post they’ve taken without firing a shot inside the Crimea where, by treaty, Russia is allowed to station up to 25,000 troops nor has Russia sent troops into the rest of Ukraine. Some so-called “invasion”!

Russian Troops Open Fire In Crimea, Reuters Reports As Kerry Delays Russia Visit
Warning shots with nobody hurt as Russian troops took control of a Ukrainian Naval motor pool inside Crimea. Kerry delays his visit because there’s nothing he can say or do.

Pro-Russian forces refuse entry to observers in Crimea
Unauthorized “observers” from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) were denied entry into Russian-controlled Crimea. The West keeps trying to poke a stick into the Russian bear.

‘We cannot let Putin get away with this,’ says Polish minister.
And Poland it going to do what? Perhaps talk them to death, too?

US in tenuous sabre rattling over Ukraine
The U.S. will add six fighter jets to existing squadrons close to Russia and put the NATO-Russia cooperation under review. Wow, that’s gotta hurt! More talk and no action.

It’s even suggested that the U.S. Sixth Fleet sail into the Back Sea. And do what? Sail around in circles wasting fuel? As points out, “We’re at that point … of realizing that there are limits to what even a superpower can do when a nuclear-armed thugocracy like Russia decides to go romping, again, in one of its traditional playgrounds.” Even the rabidly insane John McCain admits “… there is not a military option…”

Keep in mind that President Obama and his ilk play golf, a game wherein not much forward thinking is required. Russia’s Putin is a chess player and can think several moves ahead. While the West talks, Putin plays a waiting game:

– Amerika looks increasingly foolish to the rest of the world when they can’t back up their words

– Amerika’s dwindling military power becomes more evident when they’re all talk and no action.

– Amerikans have short memories even with the presstitutes beating the war drums.

– The more Obama make empty threats, the more he looks like a pompous ass. 321Gold reports, but cannot attribute this quote to Vladimir Putin, but it certainly is very descriptive: “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

– Putin knows he has military strength close by and short supply lines. Remember, long, thin logistics lines defeated both Napoleon and Hitler’s invasions of Russia.

– Ukraine is not a homogenous country. The Western Ukraine is pro-Europe, largely agricultural and speaks Ukrainian. Eastern Ukraine is pro-Russian, largely industrialized and has many Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians. In other words, it’s only a matter of time before Ukraine splits in two. Putin knows he doesn’t need to invade or fire a shot.

– The longer Putin waits, the more the rest of the Ukraine will be bled dry by the Western banksters and the more the Eastern Ukraine will look to Russia as their saviours.

– Most important of all, China backs Russia against the West and together they hold more than 30% of Amerikan debt (Treasury bonds). All they have to do is threaten to sell and the Amerikan financial Ponzi scheme collapses like a house of cards. Even Obama isn’t stupid enough to risk this so he struts and talks and makes empty threats while Putin waits for Ukraine to fall into his lap without firing a shot.

So, relax, don’t concern yourself with Ukraine. WW III won’t happen because of this phony ‘crisis’. The next one maybe, but not this one.

This is not a black swan, just a red herring.

March 12, 2014

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4 Responses to Ukraine – All Talk, No Action

  1. GBV says:

    I concern myself with Ukraine only in the context that the Barbarians are once again at the Gates of Rome. The US can no longer buy global stability with increasing revenues; revenues are stagnating or decreasing, and the Barbarians (not that I find Russia particularly barbaric, but I suppose they, the Chinese and some of the other non-US centric nations of the world fit the bill) want their tribute lest they get restless.

    If I had $350, I’d be tuning into Martin Armstrong’s telecast of his Cycles of War presentation tomorrow in Philadelphia. His blog also just pointed out that Russia is now turning their attention to Estonia under the same pretext that Hitler used prior to WWII to annex sovereign land in the name of protecting its people living there.

    Armstrong also pointed out a few days ago the dangers of what the Chinese are learning from Putin’s successes; how long before China decides to annex the Senkaku/Daioyudao Islands, or perhaps Taiwan? Always concerned that Sino-Vietnamese conflict could increase once again, and China also recently admonished North Korea for their nuclear ambitions… one wonders if there will ever come a time when China will decide to take action towards North Korea to ensure it doesn’t cause any further problems/unrest in the region.

    Exciting times.

    • gerold says:

      “Barbarians at the Gates” is an excellent analogy, GBV. Waning Amerikan power will be filled by rivals without a doubt except they won’t be so inept and hubristic as the Amerikans trying it on a rival’s doorstep.

      Putin understands that much Russian revenue derived from oil & gas is threatened with future lower prices from the fracking boom so he sees this as his window of opportunity (last chance actually). It’s a testament to the stupidity and hubris of Obama and his handlers they couldn’t have foreseen this. It’s possible, that Putin, being a chess player, set this trap and the dumbed-down Americans walked right into it.

      I’m hoping Armstrong will make some or most of his Cycles of War available to the general public in future although I think the conclusion is obvious: there’s gonna be a major war. There always is in the Fourth Turning.

      Exciting times indeed if we live through them.

      – Gerold

  2. fxallen says:

    Bring in the clowns !

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