In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the cowardly media refuse to discuss Islamic ideology.

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November 22, 2015


In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the cowardly media refuse to discuss Islamic ideology

November 14, 2015
Guest post: Paul Cooper

Yet again the sheer horror and barbarity of Islamic terror visits the streets of Paris. Yet again the synchronized response from the mainstream media has been lacklustre in nature, demonstrating pitiful levels of cowardice.

The intellect mainstream media bring to this scenario is meagrely constrained and limited to, “oh ok, they were ISIS.” Petrified and crippled by political correctness, they feign obliviousness which is cringe worthy, disconcerting and embarrassing all in perfect harmony. It is intolerable for media outlets to haphazardly dismiss ideological rationale behind this atrocity. People deserve more. The innocent people massacred in Paris deserve more.

Attributing the entire process of Islamic indoctrination, commitment to political Islamism and ultimately violent Jihadism as “just ISIS” may be blissful ignorance for many, however hazardous for all. Assigning the label ‘ISIS’ or ‘Daesh’ to anyone who is willing to engage in literal Islamic narratives debilitates opportunities to progress resolving the issue. The ideology and inherent complexities of literal Islamic narratives receive a ‘get out of jail’ free card. It was “ISIS” we hear them say. Sure, perhaps they were ISIS affiliated but there was a journey they undertook to get there which must be openly discussed, not swept under the rug as would be the preference of our media and politicians.

The cowardly media and politicians – to the detriment of everyone – fervently refuse to give literal Islamic narratives the attention they desperately require. The issue of home grown Jihadists in particular must not be dismissed. The media remain petrified of mentioning the I word, Islam, and the M word, Muhammad. The regressive left sit in wait, ready to berate anyone willing to broach the issue as ‘Islamophobic”. The regressive left, forever a roadblock in achieving progress.

Will the media enlighten its viewers of the martyrdom concept within Islamic ideology. Most of the Islamic attackers detonated suicide vests. You would think the concept of martyrdom is something the media would perhaps broach in their 24 hour a day analysis. To question the concept of martyrdom would be to question and enquire on Islamic ideology itself, which of course political correctness paralysis prevents. People yet again sit around watching the television hearing how these attacks are ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Yet again everyone is expected to swallow the effluent the media regurgitate, that martyrdom – or anything for that matter – has nothing to do with the religion which has nothing to do with itself.

Are the media going to provide a platfrom for debate, one which pragmatically breakdowns and categorises intricacies involved in the journey to progress from a Muslim male just attending the local Mosque to becoming a violent Jihadist. No they won’t. Political correctness mandates we sit around like pathetic lame ducks waiting for the next attack to occur. Discussing Islamic ideology and its associated literal narratives would be just too Islamophobic wouldn’t it.

If a Christian man walked into a restaurant and prior to barbarically executing everyone stated, “in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit,” the entire political and media establishment would irrefutably state a Christian terror attack had occurred. Why is Islam entitled to an ISIS ‘get out of jail free card’? The next time such a Christian attack happens I’ll write an article about it, however I suspect you may be waiting a while.

There are thousands of Muslims in France embracing the attacks, claiming it as a victory for Allah. Social media is rife with gleeful celebrations of what occurred. Media willingness to provide coverage of the condemnations of the attacks is not in question. At the other end of the spectrum, to provide an impartial perspective they must cover the many people rejoicing. There are millions of people thinking this way. Isn’t it kind of important to talk about it?

Condemnation from prominent Islamic community groups continue to be disappointing, demonstrating the customary magnitude of ambiguity. Meagre statements such as, “this is not Islam” are so ambiguous it’s hard not to question their integrity. Is it “not Islam” because the attacks were not approved by representatives of their specific community, or is it “not Islam” because they condemn violence in no uncertain terms. In fact, have we ever witnessed Islamic community leaders unambiguously condemn violence in no uncertain terms and in any given scenario?

Ideology cannot be beaten with violence, of that I am sure. It will only be strengthened with violence. We need to address the core and fundamental ideology. As long as our cowardly media and politicians continue to avoid discussing Islamic ideology – in a manner in which you’d expect someone to avoid the bubonic plague – how can we address anything? You guessed it, we’ll sit around feebly waiting for the next appalling attack on our freedoms, which undoubtedly will have ‘nothing to do with Islam’.…

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