Trump: the Lesser of Two Evils?

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The good news is Hillary lost. The bad news is Trump won.

Now that the hysteria of Trump’s election is beginning to wear off, it’s time to examine the 2016 election outcome that was as unexpected in the U.S.A. as it was in Europe. I think history will show that the turning point in the campaign was Hillary’s “Deplorables” speech where she demonstrated her utter disdain for the public by trashing more than half the country.

Donald Trump has already achieved his most significant accomplishment; he kept Hillary out of the White House. Everything else will be icing on the cake, but don’t hold your breath for earth-shattering changes. He campaigned as anti-establishment, but he’s more establishment than his supporters realize.

I don’t expect much to change substantially. Blame my political science background or the fact I’m jaded, old as dirt, and I’ve seen too much, but the rock band The Who said it long ago, “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

There have been many opinions expressed about what Trump will do or won’t do. But it’s early days yet, and Trump hasn’t even put the key in the door and turned on the lights.

Admittedly, some things are already changing. The ‘captured’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chief Mary Jo White, notorious for sending Martha Stewart to jail, announced her plans to leave rather than be shown the door. As well, CNN reported that “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the House Select Committee on Intelligence Thursday he had submitted his letter of resignation …”

Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one. But, that doesn’t mean we should pay them much attention. As a Canadian, I didn’t have a dog in this fight, so I don’t have a partisan position to defend. Being an Anarchist, I’m sensitive to Big Brother’s machinations. And, since I haven’t had a TV since 1988, I’m less infected with propaganda than most Boob-Tubers so I’ll to try to avoid opinions and conjecture and instead concentrate on what we know. Furthermore, I’ll examine some of the things that did NOT happen because what we don’t see is often more significant than what we do see.

There are some things we already know. Chicago Tribune’s headline reads “Donors and lobbyists already shaping Donald Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ administration” with corporate lobbyists and political donors shaping this incoming administration.  Trump campaigned on a promise to shake up Washington, but he knows he needs to build a national security team and advisers with policy experience, so the new boss will indeed look the same as the old one. CNN’s headline is “Team Trump is already filled with Washington insiders.”

John Rutherford writes “Nothing has changed since the election to alter the immediate and very real dangers of roadside strip searches, government surveillance, biometric databases, citizens being treated like terrorists, imprisonments for criticizing the government, national ID cards, SWAT team raids, censorship, forcible blood draws and DNA extractions, private prisons, weaponized drones, red light cameras, tasers, active shooter drills, police misconduct and government corruption.”

Do you remember any election promises to address any of the following or were any of these even discussed? “War will continue. Surveillance will continue. Drone killings will continue. Police shootings will continue. Highway robbery meted out by government officials will continue. Corrupt government will continue. Profit-driven prisons will continue. Censorship and persecution of anyone who criticizes the government will continue. The militarization of the police will continue. The government’s efforts to label dissidents as extremists and terrorists will continue.”

And, we’ll still have the Fed, and we’ll still have Wall Street, and we’ll still have the banksters and a recovery in name only and on and on. “Same as the old boss!”

However, Trump isn’t stupid. He knows, or if he doesn’t, he soon will know just how limited his power is. John F. Kennedy tried to dismantle the Fed and rein in the CIA, so the Deep State assassinated him in 1963 on TV in broad daylight as a warning to future Presidents to toe the line. Presidents since then have been, to one degree or another, empty suits. Reagan fired 11,000 uppity Air Traffic Controllers, but he couldn’t rein in the ever-expanding government bureaucracy.


Trump also knows that it’s the Electoral College that elects the President (and the VP) and not the popular vote that does so. The Founders, wary that democracies have short life-spans, created the United States not as a democracy that many people believe, but as a Constitutional Republic with the checks and balances of the Legislative branch, the Administration and the Judiciary keeping an eye on each other.

G. W. Griffith wrote that “Voters chose their state representatives, but the states chose the Senators and the President … the President is to be elected by delegates chosen by the political parties within each state every four years for that task. This group is called the Electoral College … there is a winner-take-all rule, which means that, if a candidates receive 51% or more of the vote within a state, then they receive all of the Electoral College votes for that state.”

However, and this is a big ‘however.’ Although the Electoral College pledge to follow the popular vote, they are not legally obliged to do so. In fact, ‘faithless electors have voted against the popular vote numerous times in the past. Trump knows he cannot rock the boat and antagonize the Electoral College especially since there is a movement afoot to petition the Electoral College “to go rogue and vote for Clinton over Trump in a petition, which was created last week.”  There’s even a move to abolish the Electoral College altogether. However, that can be changed only by a Constitutional amendment, not by rioting.

In any case, it’s possible for a candidate to receive more Electoral College votes than popular votes. In fact, that’s what the ass media tells us happened with Trump, not that it matters because the College has the final say in the matter.

It’s not likely that vote rigging was as widespread as Trump claimed. There are reports of busloads of Democrats bussed to numerous voting stations under different names, but they might have been legitimate voters with arranged busing. There are also reports of electronic voting machines registering a Democrat vote when a Republican was selected supposedly as a result of improper calibration. As well, Infowars reported that “Three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens, according to Greg Phillips of the organization.”  Most of these likely voted Democrat.  Hillary supposedly won the popular vote by a million votes so removing the illegal alien vote and whatever rigging did occur might give Trump the popular vote.

And, there are 4 million dead people on the voter rolls, yet some of these zombies also voted. Plus, I’ve heard, but cannot substantiate that the majority of states that do not require voter ID supposedly voted Democrat. And it goes on and on. In other words, not only did Trump probably win the popular vote, he may have won by a landslide. Don’t tell that to the Libtards who are unencumbered by rationality and led by the nose to demonstrate and riot by reptiles like George Soros. In any case, it’s a moot point because it is the Electoral College that casts the final vote.


Trump supporters need to have patience. He can do little until his inauguration January 20th. Trump knows he can’t make waves, but has to make nice until after the Electoral College votes December 19th. And, he can’t push for any prosecutions until he’s inaugurated because Obama will simply pardon them as is the custom with outgoing Presidents.


I dropped my subscription to Newsweek many years ago. I dropped Time a few years later, then The Economist and then the Globe and Mail. All were establishment propaganda mouthpieces. The last subscription I had was Canada’s Macleans magazine which once had balanced reporting but recently turned into a Commie rag. Below is a letter I recently wrote to Macleans’ editor knowing full well they’ll never publish it.

To the Editor

You still don’t get it. Trump won. Get used to it.

You and the rest of the dinosaur media are trying to explain to the public how Trump won when the mainstream media, until the last minute, were telling us Hillary would win. Instead of begging your readers to forgive you for disseminating propaganda rather than honest investigative journalism, you’re now doubling down with sour grapes and ignoring the fact that mainstream media lies have utterly discredited you.

Such hubris is insulting, another reason fewer people trust the mainstream and why alternate media is gaining prominence.

There is a Macleans renewal sitting on my desk gathering dust because you still don’t get it and until you do, I won’t waste any more time reading this magazine.


This election saw the ass media prostitute itself, unlike anything I have ever seen watching the last eleven U.S. elections since 1972. And, although they’re pack-pedaling, the presstitutes are still in denial about their complicity in Hillary losing the election due, in part, to people losing trust in the ass media. It’s not surprising that the alternate media is overtaking them.

In fact, the ass media is so scared about alt-news that the collectivist Zuckerberg’s Deep State affiliated FaceBook has a list of alternate news blogs they call Fake News that they are banning. Trust Ron Paul to blow the lid off this one by exposing the real fake news below.




One thing that didn’t happen and another bonus from keeping Hillary out of the White House is that WW III has been averted. I was so confident that a Clinton win would lead to the next World War that I recently wrote  WW III SOON? 

The Trump victory does not rid the Deep State of war hawks and neo-cons stupid enough to believe a limited nuclear war won’t escalate, but it does set back their agenda. And, if Trump stays alive long enough, he might be able to ferret out some of these hubristic traitors, but most are deeply entrenched.

Why do the ass media paint Russia as the enemy? It’s simple; follow the money. Russia as the largest country on earth is a very desirable target for take-over by our money-grubbing globalists. To appreciate its size, compare Russia’s nine time zones to the continental U.S.’s four time zones and even Canada’s 4 ½. And, Russia is largely undeveloped and unexploited and inhabited by perpetual drunkards who, until Putin, also included its incompetent Bolshevik leadership. The moneyed-elites lust after a Russian regime change to sink their proboscis ‘money-funnel’ into that resource-rich country.


Another non-event and yet another bonus from keeping Hillary out of the White House involves George Soros, one of Hillary’s major supporters.

Engineering regime change in small, third-world countries is nothing new. US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland boasted that the U.S. spent $5 billion to overthrow Ukraine’s government and install a U.S. friendly puppet. That resulted in failure as Russia reacquired Crimea and its warm-water port in a brilliant tit-for-tat move.

On the face of it, the Hillary Clinton campaign appears to be the first attempted coup d’etat of a 1st world nation, the United States. This is pure speculation on my part, but it certainly passes the smell test considering Soros’ previous experience and success at destabilization for monetary gains. And he hasn’t stopped. Apparently, his multitude of organizations is behind the Anti-Trump demonstrations and riots. We await what Trump has in mind for him.


As much as you might like to see Hillary in jail for her many misdeeds (no argument from me) it’s unlikely to happen. First, it would be very unseemly. Second, it would set a very dangerous precedent for a sitting President to jail an opponent. It would discourage future candidates from running if they knew they faced jail for losing. Decent candidates are difficult enough to find.


However, the Clinton Foundation is fair game for investigation. Don’t forget that the gangster Al Capone although charged with various offenses was eventually imprisoned for tax evasion. Never underestimate the power of the IRS.

Although the Clintons don’t receive any direct benefit from their Foundation, there are many indirect benefits.

In addition to notoriety and media attention when not running or in office, the Foundation provided free public relations, and it helped maintain relationships with the wealthy and powerful. Bill Clinton received an advance of about $5 million for his book on the Foundation as well as hundreds of thousands for his speeches about the Foundation. As well, Clintons’ donations to their own Foundation are tax deductible, and the Foundation pays for their first class travel and charter flights. Consequently, there is much to scrutinize. Only time will tell what, if anything, comes of this.


We keep hearing nonsense about our leaders running the country. Politicians do not run countries. Politicians lead political parties, and they come and go with elections. Government bureaucrats don’t run the country either although they hang around longer than politicians. Bureaucrats run the government. And, governments don’t run the country either. Governments couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

So, who runs the country? You do. I do. Every decision we make, every dollar we earn and every dollar we spend runs the country. You’re not supposed to know that. You’re meant to believe the propaganda and drink the Kool-Ade that governments are in charge. They’re not. You’re in charge. Brexit proved it and so did Donald Trump’s victory.

The ass media told the Brits if they voted for Brexit, the universe would collapse. Well, they did, and it didn’t. People may sometimes be stupid, but the collective intelligence of the mass of people refused to believe media bullshit. People inherently know what’s good for them and we don’t need brainless bureaucrats running our lives.

The ass media, right until the last minute told the Amerikan voters that if they voted for Trump, the universe would collapse along with stock markets. Well, they did, and it didn’t. Markets briefly corrected, then recovered and reached new heights. Once again, the collective intelligence of the mass of people refused to believe media bullshit.

Now do you see who’s in charge?

The good news is we, the ‘deplorables,’ defeated the globalists or, at the very least, we delayed their nefarious agenda. We, the silent majority, have much more power than we realize as long as we resist the siren call of debt, bread & circuses, self-medication, and bullshit.


It would be naïve to expect politicians to keep all or even most of their campaign promises. Trump promised real change, but so did Obama and so does every other politician. If we aren’t to suffer another eight-year amnesia, we need to take Trump with a grain of salt.


Global Research reminds us  that there is a “sigh of mass relief each time a newly elected president promises much needed positive changes in response to the blatant failures of the outgoing administration … If Trump is like every president before him, all these very ballsy, noble anti-globalist stands are mere empty false promises self-servingly used to get himself elected.”  It is passing strange that, “Trump’s historical roots which by elitist design during this election year has largely been unexamined and kept under wraps.”


One thing is certain; Trump will lead to bigger and more intrusive government. He promised tax cuts, but he also is promised a multibillion-dollar infrastructure plan and protecting entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

This is simply modernized “Trickle-Down” Reaganomics. The hope is that infrastructure spending will grow the economy, expand the tax base and thus increase tax revenue to offset the decrease in the tax rate. Despite Libtard pronouncements to the contrary, it worked for Reagan.

But, that was then, and this is now. Peter Schiff wrote that under Reagan, the U.S. was the world’s largest creditor nation and the dollar was at all-time lows. Today, the U.S. is the biggest debtor nation with the dollar at all-time highs, so the only bond (debt) buyer is the Fed with its already bloated balance sheet. “Debt monetization was the term that used to be used by economists to describe the undesirable outcome of a country’s central bank becoming the exclusive financier of its national debt. Inflation and currency devaluation were expected to be the results of this brash approach to fiscal policy. But this will likely be our future under Trump.”

It remains to be seen if additional tax revenue will fully offset the full impact of the tax cuts. If not, expect to see YUUUGE deficits. And, the government can’t continue borrowing more money while simultaneously raising interest rates without destroying the economy and the pretend recovery.

Goldman Sachs warned that “the prospect of tighter trade and lower immigration under Trump’s presidency could raise the thorny prospect of “stagflation,” a scenario in which prices rise alongside unemployment while the economy slows.” Of course, anything Goldman says should be taken with a grain of salt, but if their prediction comes to pass, we’ll be further impoverished by the of the wealth-transfer mechanism of price inflation.

Economic growth drives by increased productivity, innovation and technological progress. But, productivity has been declining for decades, and neither infrastructure or tax cuts are guaranteed to support the needed structural transformation of the economy. If public money crowds out private investment, then this is a recipe for a rapid increase in debt, especially when coupled with tax cuts at a time when government debt is already at unprecedented levels.

We will have to wait and see. As Yoda would say, crossed keep your fingers.


Peter Schiff wrote that “Both Reagan and Trump were better known to many as entertainers rather than politicians, both came from outside the Republican mainstream, and both engineered hostile takeovers of the [Republican] Party.”

Jeffrey Tucker, in an earlier report, wrote “He wants to prevent American businesses from hiring people from abroad. He wants to take private property on the border and nationalize it by building a wall. He has praised Japanese internment, called for shutting down parts of the Internet, pushed for mass surveillance, and advocated vast new infringements on the right of Americans to buy products from abroad.”

Privatizing public assets and providing unearned profits to investors at the expense of the people does not sound very anti-establishment. Granted, he hinted that his campaign policy statements left room for negotiation so it’s still early days and we don’t know where he’ll scale back. However, the entire thrust of his promises is a serious concern.

Trump is neither a conservative nor a Republican. He is an authoritarian and a liberal as well as a protectionist (“Bring back American jobs”) as if we’ve forgotten the Smoot-Hawley Tariff trade policy of 1930 that extended the Great Depression for many years. And, by promising to dismantle Dodd-Frank is Trump not revealing himself to be pro-Bankster?

Of even greater concern is his vision for government. Presidential candidates usually promise government reform, either cutting government spending or increased government control. But, that focus is on government. Trump’s focus is different. He sees himself as the head, not of government, but of the whole country. He sees himself running Amerika the way a CEO runs a business. This borders on Fascism. The last President who thought he ran the country was Franklin Roosevelt and his government interference was a disaster in deepening and extending the Great Depression.

I usually end my financial articles with a mantra. We cannot borrow our way out of debt. We cannot spend our way to prosperity. We cannot pretend our way out of trouble. I need to add a new one: We cannot elect ourselves out of structural problems.

I’m working on an article about another of our many mental biases called Complementary Projection whereby we ‘project’ our values and beliefs onto other people and overestimate the extent to which they share our beliefs and values. I’ll go into greater depth in a future article, but I see this disconcerting bias evident in many Trump supporters. Jeffrey Tucker writes, “Why would anyone believe that Trump is anything but a state builder? Much of it has to do with the strange way in which people infuse candidates with their own ideological longings, hoping against hope that Trump shares their values.”

“Trump has fashioned himself as anti-establishment, a classic populist. You might think that has something to do with being anti-government, but you would be terribly wrong. For him, “anti-establishment” has always simply meant that the wrong people are in charge.”

It’s not over yet. In fact, the fight has just begun. We need to keep an eye on President Trump, get over our partisanship and be prepared to scream bloody murder when he steps over the line. And, he will. Over the years, Congress has become more powerless and Presidents more powerful. The last thing the world needs is another national socialist bully like Hitler, but without the mustache.


Did you notice Trump’s modesty and subdued demeanor upon winning? And, his expression during his visit to the White House seemed lost. That’s not like Trump’s usual confidence and bluster. It’s as if he didn’t expect to win and was surprised that he did. Remember the debates? He didn’t even take the time to prepare for them. He just walked in and winged it.

This supports Ann Barnhardt’s article that he had no intention of winning; he was only trying to expand and protect the Trump brand. By running and losing, he’d have great PR for at least another four years because whenever something goes wrong, he could say, “See, if only you had voted me in …”

First, unexpected election results and then a reluctant President! What could possibly go wrong?

One last note on Trump: he made history by winning an argument with a woman.


The pendulum always swings from one extreme to the other. Today’s ‘everything goes’ society makes decadent Rome look Puritan.

If you’re old enough, you might remember the movie ‘Cabaret’ (1972) set in amoral, decadent Berlin in the early 1930’s when homosexuals (not called ‘gay’ then) were encouraged to come out of the closet.


Not all the 7 million ‘holocausted’ were Jews. About a million were political prisoners, ‘mental defectives,’ Gypsies and homosexuals. In other words, homosexuals went from the closet to the ovens.

There will be a backlash; there always is. So if you or anyone you know is thinking about coming out of the closet, keep this in mind because the vast majority of people abhor LGBTXYZ shoved down their throats not to mention confused genders invading girls’ bathrooms.


I’ve been warning about the collapse of the West for almost ten years now. Civilizations don’t disappear overnight. They decline painfully over an extended period. Hillary would have looted and quickly ended the Amerikan Empire. Trump cannot stop the collapse, but he will delay it if he can stay alive long enough. This gives us more time to reduce our personal debts, get out of debt, stockpile essentials and prepare for the inevitable. Those with wealth to protect now have more time to implement Jim Sinclair’s GOTS (Get Out of The System) program.

Don’t stop prepping just because WW III is not imminent. We’re long overdue for the next recession which, considering how weak our economies are and the fact that none of the problems that caused the last financial crisis have not been solved will make the next one much worse.

And, only then will they take us to war.


November 21, 2016

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2 Responses to Trump: the Lesser of Two Evils?

  1. George says:

    Hello! I wonder, any chance of the continuation of the article? The one about after Rome. George

    • gerold says:

      Good question, George. I’m working on an article about a mental bias called Complementary Projection where we think other people think like we do and let the enemy through the gate. After that, I’ll do an article about the Barbarians didn’t overthrow the Roman Empire, but tried to fix it and run it better and then the invasion of Islam killed off the Roman Empire. There’s a lot of research involved in that one so it’ll take a while.

      – Gerold

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