The Feminist Lie

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A life built upon a lie is doomed to failure. Feminism is such a lie. And, we see the consequences of this lie with the increasing frequency of sexual assaults.

I grew up in a small Northern Canadian mining town in the 1960s. We moved there when I was nine. You couldn’t drive to it because there was no road to it. The only way in and out was either by plane or train. Automobiles weren’t necessary because everything was within walking distance. Consequently, not many people had cars.

Since we didn’t have a car, one of my duties was walking my sisters’ female friends home after they visited. I did it grudgingly, but I knew why it was necessary. The residential and mining construction boom meant that there were a lot of transient, single men, so a girl alone wasn’t safe. I realized this before I reached puberty. I knew this even before I understood sex.

Half a century ago, a girl wasn’t safe alone. A century ago, a girl wasn’t safe alone. A thousand years ago, a girl wasn’t safe alone.  Since the beginning of time, a girl wasn’t safe alone.

Human nature doesn’t change. Today, a girl still isn’t safe alone, but one of the lies of feminism is that females are supposedly equal to males so females can do almost anything a man can do. Consequently, many gullible females think they are safe alone. They aren’t. They never will be.

It’s not a male conspiracy. It’s not patriarchy or ‘male privilege.’ It’s human nature. It. Will. Never. Change.

Accusations of sexual misconduct against powerful men are escalating. Every day we hear of another allegation of sexual misconduct. Everyone’s favorite TV father, Bill Cosby stands accused. In Canada, the CBC fired Jian Gomeshi.  Donald Trump allegedly “grabbed pussy.” Kevin Spacey’s escapades lost him acting roles. The floodgates are open now with allegations against executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, actor Richard Dreyfuss and even “Star Trek” actor George Takei. (Link)

However, it’s easy to forget that Harvey Weinstein didn’t invent the Hollywood ‘casting couch’ nor did Lewis C.K invent masturbation. (Link) And, for what it’s worth, the judge exonerated CBC’s Jian Gomeshi (Link)  because his accusers were unreliable and “groupies’, but not until after Jian had already lost both his job and reputation.

The ass media is shocked; shocked I say whenever accusations of sexual misconduct are leveled against another powerful man. No one ever questions the reason for these incidents. What element is common to most of these sexual assaults? This: a female alone with a man in private is not safe.

I’m not blaming the victims nor am I excusing the perpetrators. Men are sexual creatures, and many are hornier than a ten-peckered Billy Goat. An unchaperoned girl is not safe alone with a man in private. Never has been. Never will be.

Does this mean girls need to be chaperoned to be safe?


That’s the only solution to both sexual assault and groundless allegations that ruin careers and reputations. Will we reinstate chaperones in our exceedingly permissive society?


However, I knew that was the solution when I was nine years old. Human nature hasn’t changed since then. It. Will. Never. Change.

Not only is feminism a lie, it completely ignores human nature. No amount of ideology or pretending or wishful thinking will change it. It. Will. Never. Change.

Get used to it. Or, continue to suffer the consequences and be shocked by the inevitable.


November 12, 2017

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I have a bit of financial experience having invested in stocks in the 1960s & 70s, commodities in the 80s & commercial real estate in the 90s (I sold in 2005.) I'm back in stocks. I am appalled at our rapidly deteriorating global condition so I've written articles for family, friends & colleagues since 2007; warning them and doing my best to explain what's happening, what we can expect in the future and what you can do to prepare and mitigate the worst of the economic, social, political and nuclear fallout. As a public service in 2010 I decided to create a blog accessible to a larger number of people because I believe that knowledge not shared is wasted.
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6 Responses to The Feminist Lie

  1. Fern says:

    Excellent article, so very true. I wouldn’t want to be a man in today’s society, too many get set up by drama induced females. Hard to prove allegations made after a long time has passed.

    • gerold says:

      Good points, Fern. The floodgates are now open and many men will be accused. Some will deserve it; others won’t, but they’ll be damaged by false allegations.

      It’s not just the ones bearing false witness, but the ones who change their minds and regret their decisions who can also be dangerous. I know. Forty years ago I was someone’s last fling, and then she got a case of the guilts and spilled the beans to her fiancé. He needed to restore his pride and I needed to lose a fight I could otherwise have won. That’s adding insult to injury.


  2. George says:

    A good deal of these “sexual assaults” are nothing more than a form of buyers regret…’s funny how many of these women have come out well after the fact when they have enjoyed the benefits their consent has given them. I don’t give the “powerful men” a pass either..using your authority to conduct yourself in such a tawdry fashion is most contemptible (but many of the pious detractors of these men would be not a whit different given the opportunity, my opinion). The breakdown of our honor, ethics and duty to our society will be the death of Western culture and it’s a damn shame we haven’t done better with all the freedoms our society has provided us with.

    • gerold says:

      Great perspective, George! Making allegations long after the fact is indeed suspicious. You’re right about the abuse of authority. As Lord Acton said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It takes great integrity to avoid temptation and it’s absence is indeed hastening our downfall.

      – Gerold

  3. Ralph Clarke says:

    Hi gerold,
    Thank you so much for making a difference in our crumbling culture and shining a light on the dark corners. As someone once said, “it is what it is”, to which I add the rejoinder, “its not what anybody says it is”. You can be sure that you will be verbally assaulted by the “progressives” from “academia” (why have those two noble words developed such negative connotations; for that matter, why is “nobility” in the dumpster of current meaning?). I think this is part of the reason I enjoy your frank and intelligent assessments of politics, culture and economics.

    The other reason is that you largely refrain from labeling, a very difficult prospect when you are trying to make yourself understood in print. Instead you invoke your EXPERIENCE, which as any person who has made their living with their hands can tell you, is the royal road to learning. Experience, unlike received wisdom cannot lie, and it’s only agenda is survival, not persuasion. Labels to a doctor are a short hand for diagnosis, the path to resolution in the Disease Theory of illness. The more modern (and profitable) approach is the Wellness Theory, which is a sociological/perception based model in which labels become name-calling, or too-broad categorization, like “racism” (how can you get out of that box?). Thus within feminism there is a multiplicity of name-calling, with no apologies. When you are fighting, it’s all about making your adversary wrong. Good luck with pursing truth in an academic setting. It much like my reading of the Canadian Parliament during question period. What else could you expect from a body made up largely of lawyers?

    I have much more to say, but in the interests of brevity, I will end with a joke:
    “What is the difference between school and real life?” Answer:
    “In real life, the test comes first”.

    • gerold says:

      Great comments, Ralph!

      You’re right; I do tend to write from experience. I never realized it until you pointed it out. That’s why I enjoy readers’ comments; they expand my range of knowledge.

      Being an ancient fossil means I have many tales to tell. And, I always remember we are admonished to “write what we know” and, like you say, nothing beats experience.

      I love it when opponents employ what you call “a multiplicity of name-calling, with no apologies” because it’s so easy to identify ‘ad hominem’ attacks and reply that it proves the paucity of their position and proves they’re wrong and, by default, I’m right. I shouldn’t enjoy poking lamebrains, but if they want to bring a knife to a gunfight, I relish the results.

      I like your joke. Yeah, the test does come first, doesn’t it?

      – Gerold

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