Macleans’ Desperate Globalists

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WW III began long ago with the global elites waging economic warfare on the rest of us. The globalists are losing as demonstrated by the UK’s ‘Brexit,’ the election of Trump and Spain’s Catalan separatist movement. But, the “One Worlders’ are not going down without a fight.

Below is an example of the elite’s desperation. This editorial appeared in the December 2017 edition of Canada’s national news-magazine, Macleans. (Link)

In the print edition, it’s given the title “The Four Horrors,” but the online editorial is titled “Canada must step up to defend a globalized world.” I suspect they’re tailoring the title to their audience. Print media readers tend to be older, more conservative and age-blessed with a bit more skepticism than online readers who tend to toward youth and gullibility (except this blog’s readers, of course.)

The Four Horrors” that could beset Canada’s economy are listed in the first paragraph. They are 1) oil prices below $20/barrel, 2) massive earthquake in a major Canadian city (Vancouver?), 3) catastrophic Canadian housing crash, 4) world-wide rising anti-global sentiment.

The editorial then conveniently ignores the first three horrors and focuses entirely on rising anti-global sentiment around the world. A bit suspicious wouldn’t you say? Also dubious is going from made-in Canada horrors and then concentrating on a world-wide issue.

Then, with my radar on high alert, I picked apart the rest of the editorial. The full text is below with my comments in italics.


“Canada must step up to defend a globalized world”

“Our editorial: Canada should play a greater role in combating the effects of the neo-tribalism of the 21st century”


November 14, 2017

Protest against Islamophobia and President Trump's travel ban on Muslims

“Thousands of Canadians took part in a massive protest against President Trump’s travel ban during the National Day of Action against Islamophobia and White Supremacy in downtown Toronto, Feb. 4, 2017. (Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto/Getty Images)”

Gerold comment – except for the poodle’s owner, do you see many white folks among the protesters above? Talk about ‘self-serving!’

“Last month, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released a set of worst-case scenarios that could befall the Canadian economy. Meant to gauge the robustness of the crown corporation’s mortgage insurance business in a crisis, the list reads like of a menu of economic nightmares: another sharp drop in oil below $20 a barrel, a high-magnitude earthquake hitting a major Canadian city, a repeat of the catastrophic U.S. housing crisis of 2008 and a severe outbreak of anti-global sentiment around the world. And while it’s good news CMHC declared itself financially fit to tackle all potential calamities, the bad news is that the list’s most dangerous possibility also appears to be its most likely.”

Comment: the CMHC is a government bureaucracy that is self-reporting. How unbiased is that? When has a government ever criticized itself or admitted they have a problem? Furthermore, the CMHC guarantees most Canadian mortgages and Canadian real estate is in a bubble far more massive than the U.S. real estate bubble was before the Great Financial Crisis. As usual, it’s the taxpayer who is on the hook to bail them out.

“According to CMHC’s projections, a spike in anti-globalization caused by a protectionist swing in the U.S. and China would drastically curtail global trade and trigger a 15 per cent unemployment rate in Canada, along with a 31.5 per cent drop in housing prices. It is the worst outcome of the four horrors considered.”

Comment: yes, there is a protectionist swing in the U.S. but not in China. China imports raw materials and exports finished goods, so U.S. protectionism is a danger to Chinese exports. Why would protectionism cause a massive drop in Canadian house prices? No answer was given, so this merely is alarmism.

“As gloomy as it seems, however, it’s not so far-fetched. Nearly everywhere you look the precepts of globalization—open borders, free markets, free trade, respect for human rights and international co-operation—are under attack.”

Comment: “International cooperation”? You mean like the AngloAmerikanZionists invading Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected government, destabilizing Syria and trying to start a war with Russia? If that’s cooperation, I’d hate to see warmongering!

Furthermore, Japan, China and South Korea have pledged to resist protectionism as it in their best economic interests to trade. (Link)

And, don’t get me started on open borders …

“Evidence of this rising tide of anti-globalization includes last year’s election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote, as well as recent successes by authoritarian and nationalist parties across Europe, plus the current unrest in Spain over Catalan separatism. Meaningful global trade negotiations around the world have essentially ceased.”

Comment: the only meaningful cessation of trade negotiations involves the rest of the world spurning the AngloAmerikanZionists. China is doing trade agreements snubbing the U.S. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) established free trade with numerous nations. China and Russia developed agreements between themselves, and even Saudi Arabia rebuffs the Amerikans and makes deals with Russia and China to be settled in their currencies rather than the Petrodollar, and THAT has the globalists in a panic. 

“Where globalization, trade and international co-operation defined the post-war era of the late 20th century, the early 21st century is in danger of becoming known as a period of neo-tribalism. Closed borders, reduced trade, greater nationalism and deep suspicion of foreigners and foreign perspectives are all sentiments gaining in currency. The world grows more insular as nationalist politicians seek to convince voters the world consists of “us” versus “them.”

Comment: I love the smell of globalist fear in the morning. The only people who want open borders are the globalists. Most regular people are nationalist and rightfully suspicious of foreigners especially immigrants who refuse to assimilate and demand we become more like the countries they fled.

“As a country with a remarkably diverse population heavily reliant on trade, Canada is crucially dependent on the benefits of globalization. Life in the absence of NAFTA, for example, would be “catastrophic” for Canada, as Aaron Hutchins explains.

The same goes for immigration, and its crucial contribution to our domestic economy. So what can be done to push against this ascendant tribal urge?”

Comment: immigrants’ contribution is now ancient history. White immigrants although not identical were similar in color, history, religion, and values. They were hard working, paid taxes and assimilated. I should know. I’m an immigrant. My family emigrated to Canada in 1955. We learned the language and customs, and none of us ever collected welfare. Today we import perpetual welfare cases that refuse to assimilate. How is that a ‘contribution’ to Canada’s well-being?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin ‘Jihadi’ Trudeau (Soro’s pet) and his Libtards like to say “diversity is our strength.” What a crock of shit! Diversity creates disastrous divisiveness.

“Globalization may have its faults, but it deserves a much stronger defence than it has received to date. The enormous reduction in worldwide poverty—the percentage of the Earth’s population living in hunger has been halved since 1990—is a direct result of open borders, trade and rising world food production.”

Comment: what’s left unsaid is often more important than what’s said. Macleans touts the “reduction in worldwide poverty” but neglects to mention that it’s at the expense of ordinary Canadians. Left unsaid is the impoverishment and diminution of the middle class. Globalization serves the interests of the ultra-wealthy elite, but left unsaid is increasing wealth disparity where a tiny minority at the top owns an ever larger amount of a shrinking pie. 

“Upward mobility and economic growth in all countries is also increasingly dependent on global production chains, foreign investment and the rapid spread of new technologies. The striking absence of military conflicts between major nations since the Second World War is another tremendous benefit arising from globalization and greater international co-operation.”

Comment: so-called economic growth is a joke! Factor the real rate of inflation (about 5%) as calculated by ShadowStats (Link) by the blue line below and you’ll see that so-called 2% GDP growth is actually 3% shrinkage. Yes, Western economies have been shrinking for years!


Comment: Nuclear weapons proliferated among the major nations since WW II, so “the absence of military conflicts between major nations since the Second World War” is because if we had a major war, we’d nuke ourselves into oblivion. This has nothing to do with ‘cooperation,’ but rather self-protection.

“Given the stakes, Canada must play a greater role in defending globalization at home and around the world. We need to become, as Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said earlier this year, “an essential country” in promoting international cooperation and human rights. Our economic success, the harmony of our diverse population and our willingness to embrace change and new ideas all stand in opposition to the malign forces of tribalism. We also need to take concrete action, including such things as Canada’s Magnitsky legislation, unanimously approved by the House of Commons recently, which establishes important global norms in the fight against corrupt governments. With open borders, open markets and open minds, Canada is the solution to these increasingly tribal times.”

Comment: I could barely read that sappy last paragraph without gagging. Notice the constant harping on tribe and tribalism throughout this editorial. Tribe is not a four-letter word. Humans are tribal. We always have been. We always will be except misguided progressives who couldn’t find their asses using both hands. There’s a reason we have the word xenophobia to describe our fear, hatred or suspicion of foreigners or strangers. The greater the differences; the greater the xenophobia. We’re hard-wired for it. It helped keep us alive for millennia.

*  *  *

Gerold again: In this editorial, Macleans blatantly exposes itself as a globalist shill for the New World Order, and they’re panicking and revealing their motives because we aren’t following their New World Order agenda. However, the globalists won’t stop nor should we become complacent until this Fourth Turning is resolved.

Macleans was a weekly newsmagazine for the four decades I subscribed to them. One by one, I dropped subscriptions to Time and Newsweek and a few others I’ve forgotten as each one became propaganda rags. I kept my Macleans subscription because they still had a semblance of impartiality. Unfortunately, that changed a few years ago as, they too, acquired a left-wing bias and began carrying water for the globalists.

Macleans lost so many readers lately that they downgraded from a weekly to a monthly magazine in 2017. I’ve been thinking of dropping them too, but decided to keep them coming because it’s an excellent way to ‘know the enemy.’ And besides, it’s fun shooting fish in a barrel.


November 19, 2017

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