Toronto woman acquitted of killing boyfriend

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I’ve created a new Category called ’Male-Bashing’ for news and views on feminism run amok and the double standard we’ve created where women can LITERALLY get away with murder and where men are treated with contempt and ridicule in the ass media. It’s no wonder that movements like Marriage Strike have sprung up. It’s even less of a wonder that the marriage rate is dropping. Men are becoming fed up with being treated as nothing more than sperm banks and wallets. Courts treat men as second-class citizens and as nothing more than a source of financial support for women.

Definition: Misandry is the hatred of males as a sex (as opposed to misogyny, the hatred of females)

The story below comes from the CBC, the Canadian Broadcorping Castration.

I have two comments about this.

I have never been in an abusive relationship nor do I know anyone who has so I do not know the pain and anguish of an abused spouse. I am, however, no stranger to pain and anguish is so it’s not my first day on the job.

I also know that every decision has a price whether we like to admit it or not. Even not making a decision has a price. Also, every action we take has consequences of one sort or another.

If you make a poor choice in choosing a mate, you will pay a high price. You have several choices. One, you can stay with the abuser and try to change them which is highly unlikely and will leave you in an abusive and painful relationship. Two, you can leave which is also very painful and difficult but a necessary step in regaining your life. Three, you can kill your abuser which, no matter how justified you think it is, still makes you a MURDERER and you should pay that price.

Except in Canada, that is. In Canada, a reality-challenged, white-wine-liberal jury in Toronto might acquit a woman of murder even if she stabs her partner to death, even if he’s a boyfriend and not a husband. In Canada, the woman in the story below has the right to kill her abusive boyfriend even with her daughter and father watching and it’s ok because we have this incredibly assinine and insane notion that women can do no wrong and males are contemptuous low-lifes.

My second comment involves the evil and corruption of government, in this case the so-called justice system that continuously corrodes our conception of responsibility. As I said, ever action has consequences and every decision has a price. When governments allow us to side-step responsibility and its attendant price and consequences, it not only makes a mockery of justice and increases disrespect for the law but, it further enslaves us in government sponsored immaturity by preventing us from learning from our mistakes. When we don’t learn from our mistakes, our growth is stunted and our lives become an endless Stockholm Syndrome relying on the paternalism of an evil and corrupt government.

Toronto woman acquitted of killing boyfriend

CBC News
Posted: Oct 22, 2011

Melissa Lewis was acquitted of second-degree murder charges. (Sketches by Natalie Berman)

A Toronto woman who stabbed and killed her boyfriend while he was driving a car, has been found not guilty of second-degree murder.

The jury handed down its decision in the Melissa Lewis trial late Friday night.

“The facts here are very unique,” defence lawyer Howard Goldkind told CBC News. “It happened in the car with her father and her daughter. It was a very unique set of facts, in particular what we’ll call her conduct after the stabbing.”

Lewis was on trial accused in the 2010 stabbing death of Jermaine Gillespie, the father of the couple’s young daughter.

Gillespie, 25, was stabbed while driving on May, 29, 2010.

Lewis is alleged to have taken out a knife during a heated argument in the car before stabbing Gillespie from the back seat of the car. Riding in the car at the time was the couple’s seven-year-old daughter and David Winn, Lewis’s father.

During the trial Goldkind told the jury that Lewis, 25, feared for her life, after suffering years of abuse.

But the Crown [Prosecutor] countered the stabbing was motivated by jealously and anger and that the abuse was exaggerated.
October 22, 2011

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2 Responses to Toronto woman acquitted of killing boyfriend

  1. Willy2 says:

    – 2 questions:
    1) Was she REALLY abused by her boyfriend ?
    2) If she was abused by her boyfriend then why didn’t she just simply walked away from her “torturer” ?

    • gerold says:

      If I knew what or how women think, I would have married one. Instead, I’m a happy bachelor convinced that women DON’T think; they feel. The only time they use their brains is to rationalize their actions which are based on feelings. Instead of ‘ready, aim, fire’ they ‘feel, act, think.’

      Consequently, I cannot answer either of your questions. Good questions, though.

      – Gerold

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