Occupy Sesame Street

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The Sesame Street generation’s occupation of Wall Street, Bay Street, and other places continues apace and seems to be growing. Their rage and frustration is understandable.

Tyler Durdan of Zero Hedge (which I highly recommend) says, “we have protestors setting up camp in a public square, not far from where the same exact banks that caused the Great Depression have created the Greater Depression. The biggest Wall Street banks have gotten bigger. The Federal Reserve, in collusion with the Wall Street banks, has engineered a two year stock market rally, while the average American has seen their wages decline, food and energy prices soar, home prices fall, and banks paying them .1% on their savings. Anger and disillusionment continue to build in this country like a volcano preparing to blow. Some people are angry at Washington politicians. Some are angry at Wall Street. Others aren’t sure who to be angry at. The evil oligarchy of bankers, corporate titans, and bought off Washington politicians that control the agenda and mainstream media, continue to scorn, ridicule and denigrate the middle class of America. Their financial engineering is failing. They’ve gone too far. The debt accumulation is unsustainable. The mood of the country has darkened and talk of revolution and the shadow of impending violence is growing.”

The protestors have much cause for anger. And still they refuse to criticize their hero President Obama who is beholden to Wall Street and the Powers-That-Be for his election and they will, no doubt, continue to support that silly, light-weight in his re-election because he covers for them and obeys the orders of those oligarchs.

See Max Keiser – Obama does nothing to corrupt bankers (15-Oct-11)

Of course, laws were broken. Fraud is illegal. So is front-running and naked short-selling and numerous other bankster transgressions. Other than a few politically unconnected hedge fund managers, how many Wall Street banksters has the Securities and Exchange Commission convicted? Google “SEC convictions” and search until you’re blue in the face because you won’t find any.


However, they might as well Occupy Sesame Street for all the good they’re doing. It is now apparent that the movement has been co-opted and is being directed by the Powers-That-Be for their own benefit and to the detriment of the Occupy movement.

According to The Daily Bell (who I also highly recommend) a recent Hill poll found that 56% of American believe Washington is responsible for the country’s financial crisis and only a third believe it is Wall Street. So, apparently the Occupiers do NOT represent the 99%. However, the Powers-That-Be want Wall Street to be the scapegoats for populist rage. The Occupy movement is a clever distraction. This has happened repeatedly throughout history and the cry will again go up, “Off with their heads!”

What’s amazing is how clued-out those are who have a date with ‘Madam Guillotine’. Before the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake.” Today’s banksters keep increasing home foreclosures and raising fees and angering their customers never thinking their customers might bite back some day.


False flags also happen repeatedly throughout history – Pearl Harbor enabled America’s entry into WW II, The Gulf of Tonkin incident enabled U.S. conventional forces and open warfare with North Vietnam, and 9/11 enabled the increase in the militarization of the U.S. and foreign wars without Congressional approval. It will be interesting to see what false flag comes out of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

To see how distracted and ‘directed’ the Occupy movement is, we need to consider all the events they are NOT focused upon. They ignore America’s wars and the fact that their hero Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner no less, is engaged in more wars than any other American President in history.

They ignore all the unanswered questions about 9/11, a staged and directed event obvious to anyone who has spent any time studying it. If you haven’t already seen this 5 minute video, 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory it’s guaranteed to give you both a chuckle and something to think about.

Although there is some mention of ‘The Fed’, there is no real focus on it and, ultimately, it too is a distraction. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more government-run than is Federal Express (FedEx). In fact the Fed is a cartel of 12 privately owned banks. It has no real reserves and isn’t really a bank but it does control the U.S. money supply and sets the price of money (interest rates). The important issue is who owns the Fed and the Wall Street banks. You won’t hear that from the Wall Street Occupiers because that ought to be the real focus of their anger but, that won’t be allowed to happen.

Ignored too are issues such as 4 million Americans in prison, many for victimless crimes caught in the ludicrous “War on Drugs”. Ignored is the so-called “War on Terror” which costs billions a year and the loss of privacy and liberty. Ignored is the larger dysfunctional system and the structural political corruption and the millions of jobs permanently moved overseas and the so-called evil of capitalism, a system which no one has seen for several generations … and the list of real issues goes on and on.

Although many of the Occupiers demonstrate, what they really demonstrate is how dumbed-down and clued-out people have become. This will make it so much easier for the Powers-That-Be to lead, misdirect and obfuscate the real issues. See this.

Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles Protesters Sign Petition to Establish a Central Bank and Fiat Money

Worse yet, is the timing of the Occupy movement. That too is playing right into the hands of the Powers-That-Be. Nothing stays the same, so regardless of the direction of the movement, whether it fades away or erupts into violence or revolution, the Occupy movement will be blamed for the Greater Depression.

If you’ve read some of my previous financial commentary, you’ll know there is no generally accepted definition of a ‘Depression’. However, judging by the last Great Depression of the 1930’s, a depression is simply a series of ever deepening recessions. Global economies are now poised on the brink of another recession which will probably manifest itself in 2012. Many analysts are predicting a double-dip recession. In fact, many pundits say, other than the massive increase in government debt, we never really left the last recession which began in the U.S. December of 2007.

As economies are now weaker, debts are higher and interest rates are as low as they can go, governments are out of bullets and have no tools left to fight the next recession which will make it longer and deeper than the last one. In fact, the exact same scenario played out during the last Great Depression. After the recession of 1931, the economy slowly began to heal until it crashed again in 1937-38.

The next recession will be blamed on the hapless Occupy movement and various fictional reasons will be dreamt up by the Powers-That-Be and parroted by the ass media. And, unable to let a good crisis go to waste, governments will enact more draconian laws and further erode freedom and liberty. This will, of course, be done in the name of national security, motherhood, apple pie, blah blah blah … fill in the blanks.

Ultimately, what makes the Occupy protestors idiots is they don’t understand is that protesting, demonstrating or even a full-fledged revolution is completely unnecessary and painfully counter-productive. All they have to do is NOTHING. Events will take care of themselves in short order. The global economy is circling the drain, debt is increasing exponentially, countries are engaged in financial homicide with American credit rating agencies continuously downgrading European debt in order to distract attention from the American meltdown. It is insane to beggar thy neighbor in a global economic system that is so inter-connected that the collapse of one country will bring down the whole house of cards. Am I the only one that can see that or have I missed something?

We don’t only live in interesting times. We live at a time of insanity.

Stay tuned. It’ll get stupider yet.

October 23, 2011

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  1. te f? says:

    Marie Antoinette never said “Let them eat cake”. It’s one of the most persistent rumour in history.

  2. Obama says:

    Hi there, this is a good write-up. You receive my vote for Occupy Sesame Street | Gerold's Blog and also I will bookmark this website right now.

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